Raspberry, Pear & Chocolate Overnight Oats

IMG_20170421_091924_883I tend to go through phases with breakfasts. The porridge phase (okay, that one never ends), the pancake phase, the eggs on toast phase, the shredded wheat phase…and the overnight oats phase. This is one of my favourite variations on overnight oats. You’ll find plenty of recipes for them under the food section of the blog, though the combination of sweet pear, bitter dark chocolate (we’re using cacao, though if you really like things much sweeter you can either add maple syrup, or use a cocoa powder / hot chocolate mix instead), and juicy, sharp raspberries is amazing. Any overnight oats recipe is ideal for mornings when you know you’ll be in a rush, and short on time to make something. Continue reading


Chilli, Ginger & Prawn Rice


If you follow me over on IG, then you’ll know the amount of chilli I like to put in my food very nearly gassed my flatmate, who began to have a coughing fit while I cooked this. Needless to say, I put in more than I have specified in the recipe below, because not all of us like spice quite so much. However, if you’re a spice fiend too, then feel free to up the chilli content.

The main star of the dish is the ginger though. I love ginger in stir fries and curries, and thanks to making this I have a whole packet to play around with this week. It’s great for aiding digestion and getting rid of gas (unglamorous, but true), alleviating nausea, un-bunging a blocked nose if you have a cold (the spice will help too), and it just tastes plain amazing.

A few swaps you may want to try with this dish:

  • Try switching the rice for bulgur wheat if you’re in a hurry, and cut 15 minutes off a 30 minute meal
  • If you’re a veggie swap the prawns for Quorn chunks, or even better: put two fried eggs on top instead
  • Use canned fish in place of the prawns to lower the cost (I know prawns are a luxury buy for me anyway): I’d actually opt for canned mussels, or canned mackerel, or even tuna
  • If you’re vegan then some red kidney beans, tempeh, or baked tofu chunks will also be delicious
  • You can actually mix the rice into the meal when cooked, placing everything into the pan, and this is lovely- I didn’t simply because I wanted an aesthetically pleasing photograph.
  • I have mentioned this below, but if you don’t have soy sauce in your cupboard, then try swapping in balsamic vinegar. You’ll lower the salt content, and I actually think I prefer the taste in this meal…

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