Overnight Chocolate Proats *Vegan Friendly*

IMG_20180703_080906_402.jpgThis is one of my favourite quick and easy breakfasts, and if you like my regular overnight oats, this vegan version is just as good. It only makes a few simple substitutions and I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference. If you’re thinking of going vegetarian or vegan, it’s a great recipe to start your day with, and you can mix up the toppings as you see fit.


  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 80-100ml unsweetened almond milk
  • 100g non-dairy yogurt of choice (Alpro unsweetened soya yogurt is my choice)
  • 1 scant scoop vegan protein powder, I used My Protein Chocolate Smooth powder
  • Toppings: hot apple chunks (chop and microwave one apple for 1 minute), frozen berrries, frozen banana chunks, peanut butter… all work well

Throw all of the ingredients but your toppings into an airtight tub and mix together. Seal the tub and place into the fridge overnight, for at least 8 hours. In the morning scoop into a bowl and add toppings, or throw your toppings into the tub and take it with you on the go.


  • Add in 1tbsp chia seeds for SUPER THICK oats. Just be sure to add a splash more milk too.
  • As you make these more often you’ll figure out how to eyeball the measures of ingredients that create the texture you want, so keep experimenting with it!

Healthy Breakfast Trifle (single serve!)

IMG_20170515_071546_420First things first: Hello! Its been a while hasn’t it? This is the first recipe I’ve posted in what seems like forever, but since my final EVER university essays are nearly complete, I can start recipe developing again. Beginning with this recipe for a breakfast trifle/overnight oats hybrid…

About two days ago I was sent some lucuma powder from Seven Hills Wholefoods (I’ve been calling it lumaca for about two years now- I clearly don’t read things properly), and told that it’s apparently popular in ice cream in South America, and it also has a custard-like flavour. I was sold on custard-like. However, I have found that if you just straight-up use lucuma, it tastes nothing like custard. You have to add vanilla. Once I figured that out, a breakfast trifle was inevitable. We have a cheat’s apple and raspberry compote (takes five minutes, literally), a “custard” overnight oats layer, and then a layer of Greek yoghurt mixed with maple syrup, dusted in cocoa powder and topped with raspberries.  Looks like a dessert, but you can eat it for breakfast. Eat real trifle for breakfast if you’re into that kind of thing, but I took the time to type this, and these are more likely to keep you going until lunch, so at least give it a try. This recipe is one of your ‘5 a day’, the Greek yoghurt provides some protein, the oats provide some slow release carbohydrates, and it tastes like something worth getting out of bed for. Continue reading

Raspberry, Pear & Chocolate Overnight Oats

IMG_20170421_091924_883I tend to go through phases with breakfasts. The porridge phase (okay, that one never ends), the pancake phase, the eggs on toast phase, the shredded wheat phase…and the overnight oats phase. This is one of my favourite variations on overnight oats. You’ll find plenty of recipes for them under the food section of the blog, though the combination of sweet pear, bitter dark chocolate (we’re using cacao, though if you really like things much sweeter you can either add maple syrup, or use a cocoa powder / hot chocolate mix instead), and juicy, sharp raspberries is amazing. Any overnight oats recipe is ideal for mornings when you know you’ll be in a rush, and short on time to make something. Continue reading

Raspberry Tiramisu Overnight Oats

wp-1483785515348.jpgI don’t know about you, but some days I have about one million things to do, and need to be out of the house as fast as humanly possible- but I’m not someone to skip breakfast. Especially around this time of year, when my brain needs to be working at full power to complete my assessments. When those days are on the horizon, then I make sure that I’ve prepared some overnight oats. These oats are perfect for those mornings.

This particular flavour is for anyone who happens to be a fan of Italian desserts. Specifically, tiramisu. That mixture of cream, coffee, chocolate, and a nip of rum is perfect every time. Don’t worry though- I’m not planning on getting you tipsy before a lecture or an important meeting. Whilst you can use a rum flavouring, I actually like to use an almond essence and a little vanilla. These ingredients are my personal preference, but feel free to opt for the rum. We’re also using oats to keep you full of energy, yoghurt for protein (you can always sub in almond, coconut, or soya yoghurt if you’re intolerant/allergic to dairy, or vegan), we have chia seeds for your omegas, coffee to perk you up, and raspberries for one of your 5 a day. If you do have the time, then these look impressive layered in a glass, as shown above.

Simply throw into a pot, chill overnight, and bring along in a cool bag. Don’t forget the spoon…


  • 1/2 cup porridge oats
  • 1/4 cup EACH of unsweetened almond milk, and Greek yoghurt (I use a super-thick 0% Greek yoghurt)
  • 1tsp chia seeds
  • 1/2tsp instant coffee granules
  • 1/8tsp EACH almond essence, vanilla essence
  • 80g raspberries
  • Cacao or cocoa to dust

Continue reading

Chocolate & Raspberry Overnight Oats

Sometimes (admit it) we all want something chocolatey, or at least a little more indulgent, for breakfast. Breakfast being my favourite meal of the day, I like to stretch what I can class as “breakfast food”. Today, I have a recipe for you that could be dessert, it tastes that rich and creamy- think of a bittersweet chocolate mousse (though if you want a super-fast chocolate mousse recipe, check out this chocolate-orange one: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/cheats-chocolate-orange-mousse.html). There’s also the upside of it being slightly better for you than dessert, and I can guarantee it will keep you fuller for longer. It’s packed with oats and chia seeds for fibre, and the yoghurt provides some protein. If you choose to top with the additional 1/3cup of raspberries you’ll also be getting in one of your 5 a day.

Although this recipe is completely suitable for vegetarians, it’s also great if you’re vegan or allergic to dairy, and have almond or soya yoghurt to hand; I have used both of these yoghurts in overnight oats before, and though I can’t vouch for them in this particular recipe, they always seem to work well.

Final thought: if you’re making brunch for a loved one, this is perfect. Especially if you go to the effort of presenting it as I have above. Teacups make everything look beautiful.


  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup yoghurt
  • 1/4 cup almond milk
  • 1 heaped tbsp cacao or cocoa
  • 2 heaped tsp chia seeds (if not using don’t worry, simply reduce the milk by 1tbsp)
  • 1/3 cup frozen raspberries
  • OPTIONAL: 1-2tsp liquid sweetener, such as maple syrup or agave (this will make the mix looser though); cacao nibs or chocolate chips to decorate; more raspberries to top the oats- around another 1/3 cup.


  • In a large mixing bowl combine the oats, yoghurt, almond milk, and chia seeds. Beat together until well combined. Now add the cacao or cocoa powder, and stir this in- again, ensure that this is well combined, with no lumps of powder lurking about. Now would be the point to add that optional liquid sweetener!
  • Take your 1/3 cup raspberries, and fold them in. Crush them slightly, so that small pieces become distributed throughout.
  • Empty everything into a small bowl, or Tupperware container, and place into the fridge overnight. In the morning lift it out: top with more raspberries, and a few cacao nibs or chocolate chips…

Plum & Raspberry Frangipane Overnight Oats

It’s been a while, but I finally have another overnight oats recipe for you all- and its dessert themed. The last flavour I shared being bannoffee pie overnight oats (recipe here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/banoffee-overnight-oats.html ), this plum and raspberry combination is a little less rich, and a little more fruity.

Quick, incredibly simple to whip up on an evening, ideal for early morning library dashes (I know my university is still in the exam period), post gym breakfasts, or just for when you have to run for the bus- these oats actually have your back covered.

Feel free to omit the sweetener if you really want to, and also adjust the almond essence to your own taste- how much you use to achieve the best flavour will depend on which essence you’re using, and how strong it is, so be sure to give these a sniff -or even a taste- as you’re creating…


Ingredients (for one serving)

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 2 medium plums, stones removed and then chopped- reserving a slice for decoration if desired
  • 1/4 cup frozen raspberries -reserving some for decoration if desired
  • 1/4 cup Greek yoghurt, or frommage frais
  • 2-3 drops almond essence
  • 1/4tsp liquid sweetener of choice (such as honey, agave, maple syrup, or date syrup)
  • 2tsp chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup milk of choice (I used almond milk)
  • In a large bowl combine the oats, chia seeds, yoghurt, almond essence, sweetener, and milk; stir until well combined.
  • Fold the chopped plums and berries into the oat mixture, and then transfer into an air tight tub.
  • Place the tub into the fridge overnight, and in the morning dig in…

Banoffee Overnight Oats

Back home, on any occasion when my brother was allowed to choose dessert, it would be banoffee pie. It’s a dessert I know well, but have never tried to translate into overnight oats form- or anything that resembles something good for you. I can imagine the look of horror on my brother’s face should he ever see what I have done to his favourite dessert. But I have to say, he might be surprised if he ever gets to taste it…

These oats are creamy, with a caramel-like flavour due to the dates and almond butter. They feel too indulgent to be eating for breakfast, but are actually great both if you have a busy day ahead, or need post workout fuel. In fact, post-workout, they have the potassium (banana and dates), fats (almond butter), carbohydrates (oats, banana, dates), and also a good dose of protein (yoghurt, milk, almond butter, chia seeds) to help you feel like you can face the day.

As usual, they’re also super quick to make, and 100% portable…
Ingredients (serves 1):

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/4 cup EACH yoghurt, and milk of choice
  • 1tsp chia seeds
  • 1 large banana, ripe
  • 1 date, chopped
  • 1tsp date syrup (I used the meridian squeezy date syrup; it gives a more intense flavour to the oats, like caramel. However, you can leave this out if you can’t get hold of it, or alternatively use maple syrup, agave nectar, or one more date- though I can’t vouch for the flavour with those)
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1tbsp almond butter


  • In a large mixing bowl mash half of the banana, and then whisk in the yoghurt, milk, syrup, and almond butter.
  • Now add in the oats, cinnamon, and chia seeds. Fold everything together.
  • Take the remaining banana half, and chop it into chunks, reserving a slice to decorate if desired. Fold these chunks through the mix as well, along with the pieces of date. Again: you can keep a piece of date back for decoration if you like.
  • Pile the mixture into a dish or pot, and then place into the fridge overnight. In the morning, lift it out and shove into a bag for on the go, or tuck in straight away…