Hello there and welcome to my blog!

However you stumbled upon this blog, I hope that you’re liking it. While you’re here I’m pretty confident that you’ll find some fabulous recipes, books to read, articles to mull over, and reviews to peruse. My aim is to show you that health and balance looks different for everyone, and hopefully help you discover where your balance lies. Mine includes being active, eating delicious, healthy meals (check out the ‘Food’ section), and taking care of my general wellbeing- but also lounging around with a good book for 24 hours, wearing pyjamas, and eating crumpets.

If you’ve followed my posts (and Instagram @eating_with_em) for a while, then you will know that I used to live over on Blogger. Whilst I wholeheartedly recommend this for beginners, I decided I wanted a little more choice for my layout, and a sleeker look- hence the move to WordPress.

A little bit about me (you know you’re curious really)

I am a twenty year old student of English Literature and Creative Writing, currently bouncing around between Bradford and Newcastle, whilst trying to f50518-img_20150330_171557igure out how to emerge from my student cocoon come July.

I am an avid reader and writer (just look at the book section of the blog- and my degree), foodie, and slight health-nut. My hobbies include cooking fabulously, weight lifting, writing, reading, photography, art, and rock climbing. Although the latter is only when I can afford to go bouldering indoors, as I’ve been banned from climbing without safety equipment by my family. Other than my dad, who practically encourages it, as I am all that stands between him and the biscuit jar.