Hey there…

However you stumbled upon this blog, I hope that you’re liking it. Have a good browse, find a recipe you want to make, a book recommendation to curl up with while you eat it- and leave me a comment!

If you’ve followed my posts (and Instagram @eating_with_em) for a while, then you will know that I used to live over on Blogger. Whilst I wholeheartedly recommend this for beginners, I decided I wanted a little more choice for my layout, and a sleeker look- hence the move to WordPress.

A little bit about me…50518-img_20150330_171557

I am a Yorkshire born and bred graduate of English Literature and Creative Writing, currently bouncing around between Bradford and Newcastle, the latter being where I’ve been studying for three years.

I’m an avid reader and writer (just look at the book section of the blog- and my degree) and foodie. My hobbies include kitchen experimentations (occasionally with some pyrotechnics), weight lifting, writing, reading, drinking coffee, and (when I get the time) rock climbing.