July / Mid-Year Evaluation

It has been a long time since I sat down to write on of these posts. In all honesty, for a little while I was super-busy achieving some of the goals to actually sit down and write about it, and then afterwards I was more than a bit burnt-out. But here goes, a mid-year look at where I’m headed- and we have some catching up to do because the last time I wrote it was April…

(This is where I am rolling all of these into one: Relax; Be more adventurous/ accept fear & uncertainty; Enjoy; Expand my mind and enrich my life)

A lot has happened in this one. I’ve moved back home which has been a huge challenge for me, as ideally I would’ve continued to live in Newcastle. This is something many, many friends of mine have had to do, and its just a sad part of being a millennial: living alone is simply too expensive. I did get quite down about losing this aspect of my independence, but in July I decided to suck it up and make the most of it: I can save up for some travel whilst I’m home, enjoy my job, and consider my next move.

Going Go-Karting to get to know all of my new work collegues was a little nerve-wracking. Come on, if you know you’ll be working with people for a good amount of time of course you want to be liked, and you want to like them. Fortunately, I think we’ll get along just fine.

The past couple of months, due to being busy and then suddenly having very little to do, I did feel quite down and I did begin to skip out things which usually make my mind-set that bit better- meditation, gratitude journaling, and I found creative writing quite hard. At the end of July though I did begin to make a concerted effort to pick myself and get moving again, and so far its going well. I mention this because I feel like there’s a huge pressure to be happy all of the time in our society right now, and that’s simply not possible. Some times you will feel down, and its just you being a human, and perfectly natural. Just focus on little things to pick yourself back up.

In July I ended up watching a hell of a lot of documentaries, and also reading many, many books been as I was free from uni reading lists. Didn’t really watch many TEDTalks, but I did find another great little channel which covers science videos and I’ve watched a few of those- I featured this channel in my June/July Favourites. Podcasts dropped off the face of the earth for a while, but I did listen to three in July, from a feminist podcast creator I love, over on Fearless Rebelle Radio.  Documentaries and books did take centre stage for expanding my mind these past few months though.

I’ve been doing well with ED recovery, and there’s been a couple of posts you can read on this. Overall, I just feel more relaxed around food and exercise. I’m still a bit of a health-nut, but I feel like a more balanced one, and one who choses to be so, rather than compelled to be so. The fact that I’m on 70 days of no-binging supports that perfectly.

Tiny little thing to end on with this goal: I booked my first tattoo in July, and as I edit this I have my tattoo completed and wrapped in cling-film on my wrist. I’ve wanted one for ages, and I finally bit the bullet and got inked today. But you’ll have to wait until I write a post on it to see what it looks like…



Has been completed! This was possibly my main focus of the entire year, as its been three years coming. I graduated with a First Class Honours, and my poetry submission won the award for my degree, which was focused on Creative Writing.

I had a lovely graduation. I wish I could relive it one more time, and I would go back to university and do it all again without a second thought. In fact, I plan on doing so. At some point in the next 2-3 years I intend going back to complete an MA in Creative Writing. We’ll see where life takes me on that one.


Start to establish my career path

Last time I wrote I had just found myself a job, and I begin that job in just under one month! I met my work colleagues back in June, and we all went Go-Karting. They’re lovely, and I think I’m really going to enjoy my work.

Another development on the work front: I eventually want to be a published poet. If that goes well, perhaps I would like to take up a position as a creative writing lecturer, or poet in residence at a university. Its a definite option. I’ve always said I wouldn’t teach, but I feel like lecturing in creative writing is different. The students are all there because they’ve chosen to be there. Its a much more relaxed and helpful atmosphere. Technically, as a poet in residence, I wouldn’t be teaching so much as mentoring.


Travel more often & explore

Going abroad hasn’t happened, as- to be honest- I felt like I was too late to organise anything. However, I have begun to see a bit more of Britain. I’ve travelled to Edinburgh (in July), this weekend I’m visiting Birmingham, and a week or two after that I’m heading down to Liverpool. I feel like this is good practice for solo travel, and it gives me the time to raise the money and find some one willing to go with me when I head to Europe, hopefully next year. Day trips are also on the horizon, perhaps to Durham, and Carlisle.

Learn to drive

FINALLY I AM LEARNING TO DRIVE! I’m on roughly my 6th lesson, and all is going well. I haven’t quite mastered gently breaking yet, but other than that I can see me driving by this time next year. Its a useful skill to have, but at the same time it is going to be more cost-effective for me to use public transport, and I enjoy walking, so I won’t be forking out for a car any time soon.


Manage my money & choose a saving/savings goal

This is the fun part of the year when I can spend the money I have saved so consistently on trips and tattoos (first one!) and catching up with friends. I am trying to make it last until September (and my first payday), so I’m still being careful with it, and I think this is giving me some time to learn how to manage money effectively.

Blogging & IG

In all honesty, IG hasn’t been my priority recently. I still love it, but I find myself spending less time there, and happier for it. I did have a moment of questioning whether I should pack in my foodstagraming, but I took a week off instead, and returned feeling refreshed. The IG app on my phone keeps freezing so this isn’t helping me want to use it more frequently. However, on the blogging front I feel like I’m getting some good content out, and I have several new subscribers to say a huge HELLO and THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME to. In the next month I want to attempt to get out some new recipes, as the time they take to develop wasn’t available to me when I was finishing up uni and so they haven’t been popping up here as frequently.


Learn the basics of another language

Again, I have finally begun to learn French! My French is exceedingly bad, but I do feel I have a nice accent. As I’ve started re-learning I’ve realised that I do still remember bits and pieces from when I took French classes at GCSE level, which has been a bit of a confidence boost. I can ask for things if I can name what I want and point at it, which tells me its going somewhat well.


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