July (and June) Favourites 2017!

It has been a while since I’ve written one of these posts, but in all honesty I didn’t have any new favourites until the very end of July. Now I have some, its time to share them…


Woods Brownie Co. – These are the MOST AMAZING brownies I have EVER had the privilege to eat. They are super-fudgy, and intensely chocolate-y. My favourite is the Belgium Chocolate straight up. The others I have tried are the Valencian Orange, and the Maple & Pecan. Other flavours I hope to get hold of soon are the Salted Caramel, and Morello Cherry. Once they’re back in stock at the shop I buy them from, I shall have a proper review up!

Chaophraya, Newcastle – I’m praying the restaurant in Leeds is just as good, because this is my favourite place to eat at the moment. Chaophraya is Thai food done really well, and so good I chose to eat here after my graduation. I recommend the Tofu Pad Thai, or the Steamed Sea Bass.

Henderson’s Salad Table, Edinburgh – This place serves the most amazing vegan and vegetarian food I have ever come across. When I headed to Edinburgh at the end of July I ate here both the Saturday and the Sunday. I can highly recommend the Vegan Shakshuka, and the Porridge. Henderson’s make amazing porridge.



Kale-ing Me Softly Mocktail, The Alchemist – My family ripped into me for ordering this when we went for drinks. Its a mixture of lime, apple, and kale, all blended up into a smoothie texture. Super-cold and refreshing if you aren’t feeling the alcohol, or are designated driver.


Entertainment & Travel

The Handmaid’s Tale- I know this is a TV show now, but I haven’t watched that yet. The book is amazing, and so I probably will end up watching it this next month. For a full review see here.

Northanger Abbey– This was one of the only Jane Austen novels I hadn’t read before. Overall, really entertaining. I always say Austen is like the comfort food of the book world, and this novel lived up to that.

Edinburgh- July was the first time I have ever visited Edinburgh, and I fell in love with this city. There were so many art galleries, museums and places to explore that I easily filled two days and could’ve stayed longer.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery – This was one of the highlights of my trip to Edinburgh. The Portrait Gallery is well worth a trip if you happen to be visiting the city. For other recommendations of where to head check out my 48 Hours in Edinburgh post.



YouTube channel: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. – This reminds me of TEDTalks, but in a much, much shorter video. I’m a bit of a science nerd at heart, and so this allows me access to science (and philosophy, sociology, psychology etc) without having to pay for it, accompanied by colourful videos, and to-the-point explanations which are easy to follow.

YouTube channel: Jen Bretty – I’m sure that Jen has been a favourite before, and she is again now. I get very excited when I see a video from Jen on my YouTube subscriptions.

Instagram: emmasfood- I have loved this account for quite some time now, because Emma always has beautiful looking food, using everyday ingredients. I’ve recently been grabbing some meal ideas from this account, and one of the best things I was persuaded to try was “cakey oats” (picture at the top of the post). Think porridge with a fluffier, more cake-like texture. I could eat them every day.





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