Alpro Ice-Cream Review (Hazelnut-chocolate; Vanilla; Coconut)

1500666268552Its summer and we all know summer means ICE- CREAM. Some of my favourite ice-cream brands are Oppo, Booja-Booja, and Frill  (this happens when one of your best friends is allergic to dairy: many of your favourite brands become non-dairy), and now I am adding Alpro to that list. I made it my mission to try all the flavours available to me (they were on offer), and let you know what I thought.

Overall I was REALLY impressed with the vanilla and hazelnut-chocolate ice creams. The coconut one needs work and tasted a little artificial, but if you have a sweet-tooth then  you may like it. I really hope Alpro develop some more flavours of ice cream. I’m also hoping they’ll eventually find a way to cut the sugar from their ice cream completely, in the same way brands such as Booja-Booja and Oppo have. However, been as the flavours are so delicious I can definitely let this slide, and I have to say that Alpro can really hold their own against these more high-end brands. When you consider that Alpro is £3.50 per pint, and the other two brands are in the region of £5-£6, it was a pleasant surprise to find it had such a lovely flavour and texture. To be fair, the ice cream also has 30% less sugars than it did previously already! Lets get down to the individual flavours in more detail though…


I didn’t like this flavour very much.  If you’ve tried the coconut rice milk from Alpro, then you have a very good idea as to how this would taste. It didn’t particularly taste of coconut, so much as of coconut water- it had that really sweet taste you find in brands such as VitaCoco. It wasn’t awful, but it tasted kind of artificial… on the upside, it was creamy in texture, having that in common with the other two flavours.


This was amazing. Creamy, and an impressively natural vanilla flavour..I couldn’t believe it wasn’t dairy to be honest. It’s actually made with soy, and unlike many non-dairy ice-cream brands it didn’t go icy when I’d removed a portion and thrown the rest back into the freezer. Super-indulgent and delicious, highly recommend it.


This flavour has more of a milk-chocolate vibe than a rich, dark chocolate one. I personally prefer the latter, but I still loved this. There’s only a subtle hazelnut taste to it, which could do with being a little stronger but is definitely there. Again, super-creamy texture. I was expecting chunks of hazelnut, but this ice cream didn’t go in for the chunkage. After I got over my initial disappointment, I have to admit that this worked quite well, and I actually think I prefer a smooth hazelnut ice-cream. Clearly Alpro know what they’re doing.

There we have it! Has anyone else tried these ice-creams? Do you have a favourite?





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