March Goals Evaluation 2017

I have NO IDEA where March went. However, I feel that I’ve made a lot of progress this month in terms of goals. You may remember that I decided to make a couple of goals a focus each month, to make them more manageable during the final few months of my time at uni. This doesn’t mean that I am “dropping” any goals, it simply means that I’m appreciating that I have 12 months in a year, and that gives me space to pick and choose. That plan made this month a hell of a lot easier.



(This is where I am rolling all of these into one: Relax; Be more adventurous/ accept fear & uncertainty; Enjoy; Expand my mind and enrich my life)

  • So, I watched 3 documentaries, listened to 4 podcasts, read 3 books, saw 1 Shakespeare play, tried 1 new fear food, and watched/ listened to (wait for it) a whopping 29 TED Talks. I am LOVING TED Talks. I watch one while I eat breakfast each morning, and I am learning so much from them.
  • I established more of an evening routine, which has been helping me sleep much better so far
  • I attended 2 workshops at the place I attend counselling for sorting out the last few ED issues I’m experiencing, plus my actual sessions (4 of them). I feel like I am making real headway with this. I only tried one fear food this month, but I’ve also realised that I need to address some scary eating situations (e.g. spontaneity). More on this though when I update you on my “final bits of mental recovery progress”. I will say though: I feel at a place where I am getting pretty comfortable around food and my body.
  • I tried a new gym class, and also accepted that I didn’t have time for the 1 hour 30 workouts I was doing- so I’ve shortened the workouts and been experimenting with new moves. For me this was both a massive act of self-love- appreciating I have better things to do- and also challenging a fear of my health and fitness backsliding if I shortened all of my workouts (hint: it didn’t. In fact, it improved).
  • Still gratitude-listing every morning, but journaling in general has been a massive part of my month. Its something I’ve fallen back in love with. Myself and my journal go get coffee and just…write.
  • Also, been much more creative this month, and so I feel my creative writing efforts have been on point.
  • Took the time to actually sit down and watch one of my favourite films: Spirited Away. Small thing, but I usually put off watching films in order to do work.

STATUS: Some things I wanted to do I simply didn’t get chance, such as a solo cinema trip, watching GOT season 6, and experimenting with clothes. These are things I really fancy ticking off next month. I also want to eat some more fear foods; as it was a busy month I didn’t have room to deal with the anxiety. As I’m on holiday for Easter I have a bit more breathing space. Finally: answering my bloody phone. I love alone-time, but I also love my friends. Though I do make the effort to see them in person, I am a legend when it comes to not replying to texts/messenger/fb/WhatsApp. I just hate doing it. I’m going to make the effort to try and check messages once a day, though I can’t promise I will, because I really do hate texting.

Expand my blog and IG

  • Didn’t manage to find any blogging events taking place nearby to book into-  #disappointing. Let me know if you know of any food/fitness blogging events in Yorkshire/Newcastle.
  • Created a massive planning document to keep track of posts and when they need to be done by, to aid me in continuing to post during essay time.
  • I’ve been posting to Campus Society! I’m working on replying to comments more often, but you can now find me on there!
  • Updated my ‘About’ page, and I’m considering doing an updated “50 facts” post now
  • I gained 14 new followers on WordPress- thank you and welcome aboard newbies! Comments went up, which is wonderful because I LOVE  chatting to you when I get chance to sit down and read comments. Likes and views went down slightly but I haven’t had much time to post this month so I’m assuming this explains it. It’ll be this way until I finish my essays and complete my third year. Which, in exchange for a degree, I can deal with.

STATUS: Going swimmingly.

Start to establish my career path

  • Applied for another few jobs: I have an interview for my DREAM JOB in mid-April, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, keeping schtum on where it is at present, and  suddenly, much as I want a job doing something I LOVE, I’m also okay with moving home and getting a non-life-fulfilling job whilst applying for one that fits that description. I’ll take it as it comes, because right now my priority is completing my degree.
  • I did create a brainstorm, and then a flow chart (this is so me), of all of my options. And it made me feel like I had my shit together, and also let me work out a couple of alternative plans.
  • Attended a “creative careers” day that my uni throws every year, and got a lot of helpful advice and tips.

STATUS: Keeping an eye out for jobs, but waiting until after my interview to commit to anything major.



Travel more often & explore

  • Visited a new café, which is pretty much all I had time for this month. It was called Pink Lane Coffee, in Newcastle, and it was incredibly chilled out and cool. I felt like a mainstreamer in a sea of hipsters.
  • Managed to save a little bit more this month, some of which has been put into savings for travels.
  • My dad offered to find out which paperwork I needed for a new passport. He has got it, but lost it in the car. So I nearly filled out the paperwork. I’m going to go get it myself this time.
  • I’ve realised I don’t think my mum wants to go abroad, and so a 50th/21st girls trip is off the cards. On the upside, it means I can begin getting brochures and looking up where I want to go. It would be pretty nerve-wracking to go somewhere alone when I’ve been abroad so little- but I want it more than I’m scared of it.
  • I don’t think I’m going to visit as many places as I had planned to this year, simply because 5 places in the UK and 2 outside the UK was a bit ambitious. Realistically, I think 3 places in the UK, and 1 outside of the UK would be more than enough- to say I’m also trying to complete a degree and get a job. My picks are: Durham, Edinburgh, London. Outside the UK is still undecided.

STATUS: Keep on saving, get my passport paperwork done, decide where I’m going and look into making some bookings.

Learn to drive

  • No progress here, other than realising that it’ll take me longer than I thought to learn. Unfortunately, not being able to drive prevented me from getting through to a face-to-face (in place of skype) interview this month, so more than ever I know I need to enable me to widen my employment field in the future.
  • Decided not to go for an intensive course: I need to be able to drive in all weathers, and so if I’m moving home any way I may as well learn whilst living at home over a few months.
  • Saving for lessons is still ongoing, though nowhere near what I need. According to it costs around £1320 total- if I pass first time around. I’ve saved a little specifically for driving. If I get a job, then the money currently saved to keep me afloat after uni (I have pot for that too) will be added to this. Combined with a part time job/ first job in the career I actually want, I should be on my way to paying for it.

STATUS: Next steps really depend on what my employment outlook is, until then I’ll simply be continuing to save, and in May/June when I move home, I’ll be signing up for lessons. In April I’ll be too preoccupied with uni to do much research, but mid-May I’ll begin looking into this once more.

Manage my money & choose a saving/savings goal

  • As I’ve said, savings has gone pretty well this month, though not as well as I know I could’ve done.
  • Designed myself a budget for my final term of uni at the end of April, and put a chunk of loan left over from this term into savings.
  • Designed a savings tracker in my bullet journal, which has really helped me want to save, as I’m a visual person. I also have specific amounts I want to save written down, finally.

STATUS: Ongoing, I’m learning, pretty satisfied with this one.

Learn the basics of another language

  • Zero progress. So far.

STATUS: On hold until I finish in May. I feel this is a sensible option.

So goodbye March and Hello April! Let me know below: how’re your 2017 goals currently going? Which are you putting the most effort into?


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