March Favourites 2017

Food wp-1489851522837.jpg

Banana & Nutella Omelette- Cheap and easy, and oh so tasty, this sweet omelette has been one of my favourite recipes of the month, and you can make it right here.

Pizza Storm – Okay, so pizza is a fear food for me, but a friend and I visited this place where you can basically design your own pizza. I’m okay with pizza I’ve made myself, and this was one step up from that. Probably one of the best pizzas I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant that wasn’t independent. And it topped most of those too. Super thin crust cooked in a proper pizza oven, I could load it up with veggies, tuna, and just the right amount of cheese…I’ll be back soon Pizza Storm, yes I will (when wp-1490548732904.jpgmy next student loan comes in that is…)

Naked Deli Almond Protein Fudge – This is where my money has been going for the past two weeks. I am not even kidding, I do need to wean myself off the stuff, because at £2.95 a pop this isn’t a habit I can afford to keep up.

Oppo Mint Chocolate Ice Cream- This is delicious. That’s all I have to say.


The Tempest, Royal Shakespeare Company Performance – This was really cheap considering the company performing, and it was also a cut down version (1hour and 30 minutes, in place of 2 hours and 30 minutes). Which, much as I love Shakespeare, I actually preferred.

Girl Up, by Laura Bates- Currently reading this, and LOVING it. Bates’s style is incredibly readable, funny, and yet crams in a lot of information. Information which I wish I’d had at the age of 13 and up.

The Outsider, by Albert Camus – Very quick read, but very intense. Full review coming soon.


Asda Liquorice & Peppermint Tea- I think that this is only about 99p, and it is hands down the best brand of this particular flavour. Better than the Pukka and Teapigs versions- and they cost about £3. I love this after my evening meal to help with digestion, and its great if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth but aren’t feeling dessert.

Dr Stuart’s Valerian Plus Tea – I can go for months and months with near perfect sleep- and then wham. Restless nights, night sweats, and me looking like I have two black eyes the next day. Which, for me, increases stress and stress related behaviours I tend twp-1490538662524.jpgo engage in. Which creates more stress, and I become absorbed into an endless cycle of counting sheep. When I struggle to sleep a cup of this one hour before bed, some serious wind-down time, and good ear plugs make the world of difference. Highly recommend.

Littles Flavoured Instant Coffee- full review of the four flavours I’ve tried will be coming soon, but the best one I’ve had would be either the rich hazelnut, or the island coconut. Though the Swiss chocolate and French vanilla are also pretty great…


TED Talks- I watch at least one a day currently, usually over my breakfast to get me ready for the morning. I’ll be writing a blog post soon with my Top 10 (or it may have to be 20 at this rate…)

Health & Fitness

Supersets- I’ve added in a total body superset workout to me weekly split, and I am loving it. Because I spend most of my time with barbells, dumbbells, and resistance equipment – with just a dash of cardio (because it bores me), I like to combine the two here, and so a kind of HIIT superset formula.

Pure Gym Circuits class- Took this for the first time mid-March, and though I haven’t had the time to go back yet due to preparing to take all my work home for Easter, I will be booking it again in the future. If you want to sweat, this is for you.


The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea perfume – I’ve had this a while now, but been too absorbed in using my Wood Sage & Sea Salt cologne from Jo Malone, because that makes me feel high maintenance and classy (ha ha ha. No. I never look high maintenance or classy). However, with spring on the way I picked this back up, as its a great dupe for one of my other favourite Malone colognes: Earl Grey and Cucumber. And its much cheaper.



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