64 Things that feel/taste better than (restricting in order to be) skinny.

We all have unique bodies, all of which have a weight range that they function optimally within. So before we get started: if you are naturally very slender, having an optimally functioning wonderfully-glowing-with-health-fabulousness in a lower weight range than someone else, then this doesn’t apply to you. As long as you are healthy, and feeling great. I am not here, nor do I approve of, bashing any body shape without knowing someone’s back-story.

No, this post is about a kind of “skinny” that is maintained by consistently restricting food . I’m sure we’ve all heard the catchy one-liner “nothing tastes better than skinny feels” (thanks Kate Moss circa. 2009 for that little gem). This particular quotation seems to be speaking about restricting foods, despite loving the taste of them– because nothing tastes good enough to be worth being over x lbs. Ultimately it perpetuates the idea that enjoying food is not worth more than maintaining a weight unnatural for your body. Nothing can feel better than seeing the scale drop.

Well, guess what?

I can tell you that a lot of things taste better than this. I can tell you a lot of things also feel better than this. So this is a quick post about what feels/tastes better than restricting in order to be skinny, in my experience so far…

Things that feel better than restriction in order to skinny:

  1. Not being ratty around family and friends (unless given good cause, obviously. Lets not pretend I fart rainbows or anything)
  2. Eating my chosen foods when I go out (constantly working on this, getting much better. Bagels, yes please. Pizza, yes please. Massive salads with fish and avocado and potatoes and spicy dressings, yes please)
  3. Lifting heavier in the gym, and treating it like a playground instead of a chore
  4. Having padding on my pelvis, shoulder blades, and coccyx, which comes in useful when doing yoga or lying in the bath
  5. Not worrying my friend because I’m weighing a portion of broccoli down to the last gram
  6. Experimenting with food and trying new things, and getting my love of this back
  7. Tonnes of  real energy
  8. Planning travel and other magnificent excursions
  9. Executing above plans
  10. Spontaneity (again, requires some work, but much better)
  11. Rolling around on grass (completely random; very enjoyable)
  12. Sitting with a book in the sun
  13. Dangling my feet into water in summer
  14. Waking up and feeling well rested, instead of waking up at 3am starving
  15. Realising you finally have your mojo back
  16. Just having a clear head, because your brain has the glucose it needs to function
  17. Rediscovering old passions and hobbies
  18. Having immense drive to achieve things, and wanting to achieve things instead of feeling “meh”
  19. Singing in the shower
  20. Making pancakes with your family
  21. A walk with a travel mug of your second coffee of the day (two coffees would never have been allowed during the worst points)
  22. Hugs
  23. Doing scary things and realising you’re still intact. Seriously, I feel like I can do pretty much anything when I remind myself what progress I’ve made.


Things that taste better than restriction in order to be skinny:

  1. Mint choc-chip ice cream
  2. Avocado
  3. Sourdough toast
  4. Enchiladas stuffed with beans, peppers, mushrooms, smoky sauce, and topped with salsa and a sprinkle of cheese
  5. Bagels
  6. A big bowl of porridge
  7. Sweet potato
  8. Pancakes
  9. Overnight oats
  10. Smoked salmon
  11. Salt on food (this was more leaning towards my obsession with being “healthy”, but I needed to include it. Because I love salt)
  12. Frozen yoghurt
  13. Jacket potatoes with butter and white pepper
  14. Peanut butter
  15. Almond butter
  16. Cashew butter
  18. Broccoli (of the unfeigned variety)
  20. Iced coffee
  21. Baked beans
  22. The toast under the beans that goes just a little bit soggy but is SO GOOD
  23. French toast
  24. Fried eggs
  25. Crumpets
  26. Rice
  27. Baked oatmeal
  28. Coconut crusted fried banana with vanilla ice cream
  29. Thai food. Just, all Thai food.
  30. Pasta
  31. Cous cous
  32. Ketchup
  33. Halloumi
  34. My mum’s herby dry-roast potatoes
  35. Fish & chips
  36. Apples
  37. Pears
  38. Yoghurt with frozen raspberries
  39. Gherkins
  40. Veggie burgers
  41. Seafood

I could go on, but I think that you get the picture. That, in a nutshell, countless things taste and feel better than skinny. I don’t really think that the trade off of these things, in order to see the scales drop past the point of optimal health for you, is much worth it. Because you weren’t put on this planet to be skinny; you were put here to awesome.


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