February Favourites 2017


Rawreos– I was send these by Embrace the Cake down in London, and oh my lord they werewp-1487157855190.jpg delicious! You can check these out in my full review right here. Possibly a good thing I don’t live in London, because I’d be there all of the time…

Omelettes– I recently wrote a post all about omelettes, giving you guys a whopping 21 omelette combinations to try out. They’re cheap, fast, and once you learn to make one then you can pretty much feed yourself if there’s not a lot of money left at the end of the week.

Almond Butter & Blackcurrant Jam Bars– This is a quick and easy (no bake!) recipe I like to make on a weekend, so that I have snacks prepared for the week ahead. They’re gooey and nutty, which pretty much spells out just plain delicious.wp-1488111400372.jpg

Pizza Storm– Think Subway, but pizzas. You basically craft your own, and then they bake it in their 900*c pizza oven in just 3 minutes.

Pancakes– It was pancake day this month. Need I say more? You can find the recipe for my Banana & Nutella Pancakes right here (if the picture to the left is tempting you).

Beauty, Health & Fitness

Manuka Honey- Well, its close to the end of my 3 year university degree,  I am pretty knackered- and when I’m pretty knackered, my skin plays up. This has been a life saver. Manuka honey is great as a healing face pack. It’s pricy, so I only buy it once a year, but it lasts ages, and is also wonderful in smoothies. The antiseptic quality means that its fab for sore skin.

LUSH Oatifix Fresh Facepack- I finally collected enough used pots for a free fresh facemask! I’ve held out on actually paying for one as I wasn’t sure that I would like them, however, this is a beautiful mask. It left my skin soothed and soft- even if it did smell a bit like playdough.

TCP Antiseptic- Another spot cure. This is my go-to spot treatment. If you have super sensitive skin you may want to dilute it, but it dries spots out in a couple of days, and it’s a pretty cheap solution.


Costa Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream– if you read my article on my trying to face some fear foods , then you’ll know this was on the list. It was beautiful. No regrets.wp-1488633749643.jpg

Homemade Soya Mocha– I saw this on Melanie Murphy’s YouTube channel, in a What I Eat in a Day video. This is a brilliant idea, and I cant believe no one has done it before! You simply add chocolate soya milk to your morning coffee. I’m using the Beanies vanilla instant coffee, which goes really well with the chocolate, so this is my favourite way to wake up currently.


Anna Karenina– I began this at the beginning of the month, and though not far in (I’m nearly at the end of part one) I’m really enjoying it. Tolstoy’s writing style (in translation) is much easier to read than I supposed, and I can’t wait to get further into Anna’s tale.

Edward Lear’s First Book of Nonsense– One of my modules for uni this semester is Victorian Dreamworlds, and we look at nonsense writings/utopias/dystopias. Texts like Alice in Wonderland, Jabberwocky, The Hunting of the Snark, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, The Time Machine, News From Nowhere… it goes on. We also look at Edward Lear, better known for his longer poems- but his limericks are really interesting too, due to the contradictions the images he illustrated them with holding. Try giving the limericks a read alongside the images he drew, and you’ll see what I mean.


Follow the Intuition– This channel on YouTube has been phenomenal in helping me this month, when I decided that I wanted to tackle my fear foods, and other ED thoughts I have left. I highly recommend it to anyone beginning, in the middle of, at the end of,  their recovery.




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