The Lite Chocolate Company; Dark Chocolate Orange Review

wp-1487159551872.jpgThis is one of the only sugar-free chocolate brands I actually think tastes like “proper chocolate”. And since I have diabetic relatives, then I can see next Christmas actually being a breeze. Its also suitable for those who are gluten free, or vegetarians- so if you’re either of those things, this review will make you very happy…

Last week I was sent a bar of The Lite Company’s Dark Chocolate Orange, from the people over at SweetsWithout, and thank god they did, because before now I hadn’t heard of The Lite Company at all.

There are six different flavours on offer, but I was sent the orange bar- which actually tasted a lot like a dark Terry’s chocolate orange. The chocolate is 52% cocoa solids which is a lot lower than I usually opt for in a dark chocolate bar, but surprisingly this works really, really well. The strength of the chocolate allows for a wonderful, zingy orange zest flavour to come through. There are actually tiny pieces of the orange zest in the chocolate, making for a great texture contrast to the smoothness of the chocolate when it melts in your mouth.

These bars are 85g, which is eight squares of chocolate. I’ve been having two squares after my evening meal most nights, and so this bar is nearly all gone. Unlike a lot of other sugar-free brands, I found two squares was enough: it’s a super rich chocolate, and incredibly satisfying.

The other flavours I’m eyeing up for the future are the dark chocolate & raspberry, dark chocolate and mint, or the milk with hazelnut. Bearing in mind that each bar is £1.97, and yet I felt this tasted better than most regular chocolate, I don’t think it’ll be long before I’ve tried them all.


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