Embrace The Cake’s Rawreos, Review

wp-1487157855190.jpgA little while back I found an amazing account over on IG. Where they make ridiculously healthy- and also ridiculously tasty- cakes. I know. It’s called Embrace The Cake, and they make superfood cakes and treats- packed with nutritious goodies like dates, oats, nut butters, nuts, and fresh vanilla. Beckie Bird started the company in 2015 after loving the raw food cafés over in New Zealand- thank god she came back to the UK though, or I wouldn’t have been eating these rawreos…

Unfortunately, they are based in London, and I live between Newcastle and West Yorkshire. However, the lovely ladies at Embrace The Cake offered to send me their newest invention: rawreos. I was expecting something good, but I wasn’t expecting them to arrive on Valentine’s Day in pink packaging, to be heart shaped, and to taste this amazing… I think that the chocolate one was my favourite, but lets take a look at each of them. Because I can’t go neglecting the Salted Caramel one either. Before that though I’ll do an overview of what applies to both of them: packaging and ingredients.


Simple, beautiful- you can see it on the picture above. I love the Embrace The Cake logo, and the little bags the biscuits were sealed in kept them perfectly fresh during their journey up to me. Each bag contains 80g of biscuit, which is two biscuits.


Ingredients & Nutritional Values:

Okay, the general points I need to make on ingredients (before looking at what’s in each biscuit) is this:

  • Free from refined sugar
  • Free from dairy
  • Free from gluten

If you’re interested, then all of the nutritional values are also listed on the packaging, which I felt was a nice touch for anyone wanting to know. Both of the biscuit flavours were roughly 167kcal per biscuit, with around 18g of carbohydrates, 10g all natural sugar, 5g of protein, and 0.1g of salt. If you’re looking for a comparison, then these are similar values to a nakd bar- but the rawreos are much, much tastier.

Now the best bit…


Raw Chocolate Biscuits

These had a cakier texture, and were soft and almost…I don’t know- fluffy? It reminded me of the texture of soft gingerbread biscuits (coincidentally, one of my favourites), when I bit into it. I was not expecting this, but my god it was good. The layer of cream in the middle appears to made from blending up cashews, and it has vanilla seeds scattered throughout. Rich chocolate taste in the actual biscuit. Not overly sweet, just right. I was very impressed. The sweetness comes from the dates, which are first in the ingredients list, and I think the fluffier texture comes from the oats that have formed the biscuit dough. The richness is probably the combination of the cacao and the almond butter. All of the ingredients are listed below:

Dates, gluten free oats, cacao powder, almond butter, lucuma powder, coconut nectar, cashews, vanilla seeds.

That’s it. How much better does an ingredients list get?


Raw Salted Caramel Biscuits

Okay, I know there’s a HUGE buzz around salted caramel. This biscuit was chewier than the chocolate one (well, “caramel” people, caramel), but equally as pleasant. Rich, slightly salted (my only suggestion is that it could have taken more salt), and a delicate caramel flavour. This is for people who like their caramel more grown up than cloyingly sweet. Again, great ingredients list:

Dates, gluten free oats, lucuma powder, almond butter, coconut nectar, cashews, vanilla seeds, salt.

The lucuma powder is higher up the ingredients list here because- fun fact-  that’s where the all-natural caramel taste comes from. It’s actually a sub-tropical fruit with TONNES of antioxidants in it. Although, antioxidants is the last thing you’ll be thinking of when you eat one of these.


There you have it, my first taste of Embrace The Cake’s rawreos. They go into retail soon, so keep your eyes peeled- because I expect they’ll be snapped up quickly. A massive thank you to Beckie and Camilla over at Embrace The Cake for sending me these- guys, you’ve definitely made me want to embrace some cakes.


Here is the website if you’re interested in trying these too (they have recipes!!) http://embracethecake.co.uk/


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