Meridian Peanut Butter with Pumpkin, Sunflower & Sesame Seeds?!

wp-1486237507849.jpgToday I am bringing you a long overdue nut butter review- because I feel like I haven’t reviewed a nut butter in a really really long time (who wants an updated nut butter collection post by the way?!)

Meridian sent me this in a beautiful little box about a month ago, and I was more than a little bit intrigued by this nutty combination.  Though they sent me a recipe card with a nutty carrot-y porridge on it, my first thought was actually : well I can’t put this on my porridge- it sounds so savoury! 

Oh how wrong I was. I do love it when a nut butter proves me wrong…

Since I opened this jar I have been experimenting to the max. You wouldn’t think simply adding some seeds into a classic peanut butter would make that much difference, but I’m really loving the combination. My favourite way to eat this is, believe it or not, on porridge with hot apple chunks, and frozen raspberries. A bit of maple syrup is also a great addition. This is closely followed by it being spread on toast with banana and cinnamon. However, thanks to the sesame seeds this nut butter is also great used in a satay style sauce, or you can add it into a Thai style curry. You can use peanut butter for this purpose anyway, but this nut butter takes it one step up on the flavour scale, as it has the sesame seeds doing some work too.wp-1486237507845.jpg

What about the taste and texture then? Well, imagine peanut butter but with some small peanut, sesame and pumpkin seed chunks. The texture is thicker and has a great crunch, with noticeably less oil separation than other speciality nut butters. This means it’s great for dolloping, but doesn’t drizzle too well. As a result it works well in thick satay sauces, or in sandwiches, as it doesn’t have the tendency to run away from the knife.

Taste:  if anyone has ever eaten tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds, used in hummus), then imagine just a hint of this earthier, delicate flavour. In fact, this nut butter would be a great alternative to using tahini if you don’t want to fork out for it. To be honest, having a jar of this in offers you a lot more options that straight up tahini does.

Nutritionally, the first thing I noticed was the amount of protein in this nut butter. There’s 30.4g per 100g, making 1 tbsp. around 4.5g protein. I tend to have around 2tbsp of this per day, and so from this nut butter alone I’m getting close to 10g of protein. To put this in perspective, the GDA for women in 45g of protein.

I can’t wait for you to try this nut butter, because it’s one that I would definitely repurchase, and I want to hear your opinion on it! At £2.49 for 280g it’s slightly more expensive than the regular peanut butters (which are £1.99 in comparison), but for an extra 50p? I think I could fork out for this one occasionally…



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