January Evaluation – The first month of goals…

Here we are at the end of January, and it’s time for me to reveal the monthly post I am planning on continuing all the way through 2017…my 2017 goals monthly evaluation. I’m sure we all saw this coming.

It’s slightly nerve-wracking to be sharing how badly I could potentially fail at achieving these goals on the internet. Not that I’ve had much issue sharing way bigger stuff, but still. If you want to read what my goals actually are in detail then head over to my 2017 Goals post.

Each month I’ll be looking at how I’m doing on the goals I’ve set, bullet pointing what I’ve done, my wins, my massive failures- all in the hope that if you’re trying to achieve something this year too, then you can do this with me.

Lets get going…

Learn the basics of another language

  • Okay on the 8th January I saw an advert for ‘Babble’ on TV, and thought it would be a great starting point to begin re-learning basic French. I downloaded the app, used it once…
  • …and then figured out I had to pay to get to more advanced learning. Deleted the app.
  • About a week ago I discovered an amazing blog called Passion for Dreaming, and the writer shares her top tips for language learning success, linked here. Apparently she also has a YouTube channel, so I may have found another way into learning a language.

STATUS: I haven’t gotten any further with this one, but I’ve browsed the GCSE level and A-Level books in WHSmiths, and I think I’ll be rediscovering CGP.


Expand my blog and IG

  • One of the first steps to expanding my blog was tidying it up, and making it easier to navigate. My IG is very clear and organised, and so I wanted my blog to match. I never realised tags and categories weren’t the same thing, and so I spent a good couple of hours weeding out categories/tags I didn’t use, and basically tidying up my blog. Took ages, but well worth it.
  • I have FINALLY learnt  how to create drop-downs on my blog. No doubt I will forget how to do it, but my blog has bloody dropdowns!! I feel like a massive pro right now.
  • I attended my first blogging event at Eldon Square in Newcastle, and you can see my review of that right here. I loved the event, I leant a lot- but I didn’t find some of the other bloggers very friendly, and I was very glad I’d brought a plus one, as they all already seemed to know each other and have flashy cameras- unlike me and my Samsung (which functions perfectly well, and takes great photos btw)
  • Received some new followers here on WordPress- hello if you’re reading, thank you so so much, and I hope you’re enjoying the content of my blog!! This is the first blogging platform that has felt like a community, and I’m really enjoying chatting to people in the comments here. Another blogger also nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award, which has meant that in turn I’ve discovered some amazing new blogs.
  • Okay, over to IG! Biggest lesson of the month? Let criticism go over your head, and don’t fucking respond other than very briefly, and in a positive manner. Take a step back, and wait to reply- this is something I’m implementing in life outside social media as well.

STATUS: Going really, really well. Next steps include finding some more blogging events, navigating Campus Society, and bringing my ‘About’ and ‘About Me’ up to date! Also, writing more posts looking at body confidence, the fitness industry, and generally trying to help you guys with some of my own experiences- as I want to ensure you get something out of reading these posts!


Expand my mind and enrich my life

  • The sheer number of ‘podcasts to listen to’ ‘documentaries to watch’ etc was SO overwhelming. It helped to actually say ‘podcasts I have watched’, and then list them as I listened to them.
  • I realised that I can’t cram my head with intelligent stuff 100% of the time. Sometimes, especially when I have so much uni work, I need to watch some comedy, or shitty YT videos, and just stagnate.
  • You can’t be productive 24/7 either; some time off is always needed from seeking knowledge.
  • I did, however, listen to a lot of podcasts, watch a lot of documentaries, and read a lot of books- all of which I really enjoyed.
  • I also visited an art gallery, and a museum with a great exhibition on women’s bodies throughout history over in York.

STATUS: Doing well with this one. I plan on keeping up the pace as I’m really enjoying it. Something I would really love to do next month is go to see some shows at the theatre.


Travel more often & explore

  • Okay, I haven’t decided where I’m going. Either NYC, though this isn’t looking very realistic, or a couple of places in Europe for the “big” trip. This all depends on if I manage to get a job when I graduate.
  • My mum turns 50 this year, and has just finished her chemo, and I’m turning 21, so we have discussed possibly going on holiday together. Amsterdam is the top choice. Though I’ve been before, there’s still so much I want to do there, and any travel is a great starting point. Plus, I would be splitting the cost with mum, making it more feasible.
  • The four new places inside the UK I had actually forgotten about. One I am set on is London; I’ve only ever been for business. Other than that, I would love to visit some new coastal areas. Any suggestions?

STATUS: I need to give this more thought, and start planning exactly what I want to do. Above all else, I need to renew my passport. This is how little I have been outside the UK: I think it expired 2 years ago, and not having one real scares me.

Learn to drive

STATUS: Not even started booking or learning yet, as I went straight into exam period at the beginning of January. However, I do have access to a theory disc if I ask my little brother nicely, and I’m leaning towards the idea of taking an intensive course around Easter time. My next steps are to look up prices and locations for doing this.


Manage my money & choose a saving/savings goal

  • So so many things to save for…driving, travel, and a safety net of money for whilst I am job hunting in summer. Because although I have begun hunting for the elusive employment, nothing has come up yet.
  • Each week I am saving £10- at least- out of my student budget; this is non-negotiable.  I also put away 10% of the money people kindly gave me for Christmas, and I plan on doing this whenever I’m given money on special occasions, adding this to the  ISA my grandparents set up for me when I was little, and which hasn’t yet been touched.
  • Bad news here too: I had counted on receiving my deposit back from my third year house share, but my flatmate has unfortunately damaged the walls in the living room, and so I wont be receiving this back intact.

STATUS: I am saving, but not with enough direction, and the fact that I may have to live off of my savings for a while is making me reluctant to save for specific things such as travel. However, next month I want to decide on various sums I want to save; if I do then find employment, the money is there for me to use to travel and learn to drive.


Start to establish my career path

  • I’ve already kind of addressed this, but there has been some positives. I met with a representative of Nigel Wright recruitment, and will be getting back in touch with them close to graduation, to help me job hunt.
  • I’ve been saving jobs on LinkedIn, Prospects, and browsing Guardian Jobs. Ideally I want in-house PR as I feel this is an environment I would enjoy more.
  • My other option (as opposed to PR) is to train as a PT on a 6 week course at The Training Room. This is pretty pricey, and I would have to work as well, but could be a career path I’d enjoy, and would allow me to earn, even if I have to move home for a while.
  • I met an amazing woman who runs a PR company in Newcastle, and knows pretty much all there is to know about the industry. She simultaneously managed to give me a bit more confidence I could handle PR…and genuinely scare me as to how competitive and unstable it can be.
  • Signed up to the PG (post-grad) open day at my uni, just to be sure I’m not eliminating an option that is actually what would make me happiest, or assist my career development.

STATUS: I won’t lie, I was really worrying about this at points in January. However, worrying won’t change anything- perhaps the jobs from companies looking for graduates haven’t been released yet. I need to up my applying game, as the more I apply to the more chance I have of receiving an interview. A conversation with a friend also planted the idea in my mind: does it really matter if I just move home for a bit, and work as a receptionist, and do things I enjoy? Next steps: apply for more jobs, brainstorm all my options.



  • Exam season made this a little difficult, and I did feel the pressure the last few days before hand-in.
  • Each day I’ve tried to engage in one or two super-relaxing activities, such as a bubble bath, window shopping, reading, listening to music, meditating…
  • It’s been easier since I completed the first round of essays, and I’ve had two weeks to, yes, work on uni and blogging- but to take it slow and engage in other activities too.
  • I have felt my patience tried at times this month, which does hinder relaxing, but that’s just life

STATUS: Still working on it, but I’m taking more time to chill, and my work ethic (do it ASAP) means that uni work doesn’t tend to get to me until the last few days when I’m making final edits. I’d love to try and book something like a massage or a guided meditation class next month, as well as not letting little things like untidiness get to me.


Be more adventurous/ accept fear & uncertainty

  • I didn’t make health and fitness goals, but I did begin a new workout regime this this month, which is focused on building muscle. Some of the moves have been challenging, as was the use resistance machines I was scared of making a tit out of myself on, but I’ve really enjoyed it.
  • I’ve cut and dyed my hair! It’s a few inches shorter, and a shade darker, and I love it.

STATUS: I want to experiment a bit more with clothes in February. I never really found my style niche in my teens as I wasn’t too comfortable in my body- so now feels like the time. Also, I want to try some new classes, or go to places I’ll meet some new people.



STATUS: This is going incredibly well. I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude log,  writing it first thing in the morning each day, and focusing on being mindful of the present moment. Keeping an eye on what I already have always helps me get things into perspective. I’m also trying to spend more time with friends, as my social life slips when I get too involved in uni work.


There we go, January done and dusted! How’re your resolutions going? Any major wins or failures? Let me know in the comments- and remember, you haven’t failed until you’ve stopped trying…




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