11 Inspiring Women Online

Cambria Joy

Cambria is one of the YouTubers I would most love to meet.  Her positivity is the first thing that will hit you; Cambria always reminds me that life is to be lived and intensely valued. Her vlogs are some of the only vlogs I will watch on YouTube outside of Vlogmas, and there’s good reason. Though I’m not religious, I have grown up with religion, specifically Christianity. I have to say, in all my twenty years, Cambria is one of only a handful of people I have seen who embody what are the core values of this religion; she wants her viewers not just to watch her videos, but to leave having gained something from them- be it fitness advice, help with ED, an insightful bible quote, or a shot of a beautiful Californian sunset. My perspective on life has changed thanks to this lady.

Kelly U

Another YouTuber who addresses mental health is Kelly U- specifically binge eating, and recovering from this disorder. I admire Kelly’s honesty surrounding her experience, and her drive to help others in their recovery, but also how she combines this with complete honesty about the fact that she isn’t perfect herself. Kelly and Cambria have played a massive part in helping be to believe that I could overcome disordered eating. Kelly is hugely multi-talented, working as a researcher, and also being an amazing singer and performer alongside her YouTube channel.


The “artist of life”, Lavendaire is a YouTube channel by a lady called Aileen, dedicated to self-improvement- but of the mental and emotional variety. She values creativity and discovery, and is constantly inspiring me to try something new. Her goal is to help her followers craft their own dream life, and enjoy it every step of the way. If you need help with organisation then I highly recommend her channel. Overall, the biggest impact she has had on my life is in my feeling calmer, and taking life as it comes, whilst still having a vision of what I want.


Another AMAZING Bo-Po account. Colourful, encouraging, and bold, this account is run by a lady who can be described in just those words. Her journey is inspiring, her blog posts well written and exploding with advice for anyone struggling with body image- and the art! Megan’s art is beautiful and confident, and I guarantee it will make you smile. Her blog posts engage with issues many women face, and will make you both think about your own stance, and nudge you into appreciating your own beautiful body as well as the amazing variety of bodies out there.

Tally Rye

Tally has also changed my relationship with fitness, but more so with my body. Before watching Tally I always had this niggling doubt that I would never really be able to appreciate that whilst my body was getting strong, it was also softer that all of the “fitties” I saw on social media. Tally is incredibly strong physically, but also celebrates her well toned curves- there’s power behind them. Tally also works with Zanna Van Dijk and Victoria Spence as a Girl’s Gains founder, and I admire her role of being a kick-ass business woman as well.

Melanie Murphy

This lady’s channel is a mixture of chats about sexuality, physical health, mental health, and recently Melanie made a spoken word poem called ‘Femme’ I absolutely loved. Melanie is Irish, and as such her accent won me straight away. She’s soothing to listen to, and has an amazing capacity for sparking discussion and thought amongst her viewers. I’ve been a subscriber for a while, and will be for a long time to come, so I’ve seen Melanie’s confidence grow the past couple of years, which has encouraged me to push myself as well. Have to say, I also admire her because there should be no taboo for labelling a sex toy in your monthly favourites. Something about Melanie’s attitude is so engaging, and you only have to look at the comments to see how much she is valued by her viewers.

Hannah Witton

I love watching Hannah’s YT videos. If you need videos on sex, travel, feminism, books, films, music, or hormones- then head over here right now. Hannah’s enthusiasm when she addresses all of the above in incredibly contagious, and she’s well-informed on the topics she chooses to speak of. I originally found her through her videos on feminism, and then stuck around for the rest of the ride. Her videos overall balance being absolutely hilarious with discussing serious topics, so if you need to laugh and learn (rare combination there), then you’ve found the right girl.

Zanna Van Dijk

Her recent book release ‘Strong’, only cemented in my mind that Zanna is different to the majority of PT YTers. She’s Yorkshire born and bred, and her down-to-earth attitude and the value she places on mental and emotional health, is exactly what the fitness industry needs. As a PT I find her advice on point, without generic rules such as “no carbs except post workout”. I admire her for recently trying to remove some of the animal products from her diet, but also for being so honest about struggling with it, and refusing to bow to the pressure of doing too much too soon. She also works like nobody’s business, and is busy building the Girl Gains empire.

Gina, aka. nourishandeat

Gina is a B0-Po, ED warrior with a kick-ass attitude and she says it like it is: every body is beautiful. You do not need to define yourself via whether you conform/do not conform to the status quo when it comes to your appearance. This lady’s daily updates never fail to make me smile, and if you need a confidence boost then head over here. I recently watched her face a fear food on her IG, and I know it’s pushed so many more people to do the same!

Chocolate Covered Katie

I am constantly admiring Katie’s culinary brainpower, and finding inspiration in her amazing capacity for creating such beautiful food.This lady is a chocolate blogging genius. If there was a Hogwarts for chocolate magic, I think that she must have attended, because er recipes are literally chocolate alchemy.  There’s always something new on this blog- and it’s always something delicious. Katie has a talent, and she’s sharing it with the world- which will soon be chocolate covered.


I couldn’t not include this lovely lady. Rhiannon Lambert is what social media focused around food really needs right now: a qualified Bsc Msc nutritionist. Though many of us health bloggers can share recipes, what works for use, and how we’ve found a healthy life, we aren’t qualified to give the advice Rhiannon is. Her IG feed is a shrine to delicious balance, and she’s out to dispel food myths many of us don’t want to ask about, but kind of need the answers to. She’s releasing a book later this year and I CANNOT WAIT to pre-order. Love watching her InstaStories and the information I get from them is like having a private advisor in my pocket.








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