January Favourites 2017


Crunchy Almond Butter, Meridian- Okay, so I never knew this came in “crunchy”, but thank god I found it. Same great taste, even better texture.

Crunchy Maple Peanut Butter, Pip & Nut- This is my other current favourite nut butter; slightly sweet maple taste, beautifully proportioned chunks of peanut. The best on porridge-  even better if you mix frozen berries and yoghurt, add chunks of hot apple, and then drizzle this on…wp-1485446375046.jpg

Ephesus- This is a Turkish restaurant near where I live; the staff are incredibly friendly, the food is excellent, and it’s really good value for money. I had a veggie kebab served with warm tomato sauce, rice, salad, spicy ezme, and cacik. Absolutely beautiful.

Jacket potatoes- I have had a major craving for these thing month. I think it’s the cold weather.

Giant Crumpets- Toasted. With Butter. And scrambled eggs.


Smart Tea MutliTea (Lemon & Peach)- This is a green tea enriched with vitamins and minerals, and wakes me up first thing.

SuperVitality Bwp-1485446375045.jpglueberry Protein Powder Smoothie- I’m disappointed to say that I can’t seem to pin down a website or stockist for this company, but this protein powder is possibly one of the BEST I have gotten my hands on. Tastes like a blueberry muffin when blended with frozen banana and unsweetened almond milk, plus a pinch of cinnamon. I think some health food shops still stock this though it seems to be out of production, so if you can grab some, then do.

Beauty, Fashion & All That

Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream- This has healed my hands, keeping them from cracking up in the cold, blustery winter weather. Because I’m an idiot who forgets to wear gloves.

LUSH Dragon’s Egg- We all know I love LUSH, and right now I love zesty bath bombs like this one, and Avobath. Dragon’s Egg has beautiful colours, and a refreshing lemon scent.

Black Timberlands- I finally got some Timberlands. Because I walk everywhere in Newcastle, and the majority of the time walk everywhere at home, I wear shoes out like nobody’s business. Fingers crossed these last a little longer.

Right Guard Coconut Water Shower Gel- This smells amazing, and leaves my skin super soft. It’s not overtly coconut-y, just has a clean, light, refreshing smell.

L’Oréal Colour Riche in Medium Brown- If you watch my InstaStories, then you may remember that I dyed my hair this month! It’s only one shade darker, but this what I used, and I love the colour. My hair has lightened slightly over the past few years, to the point of being medium/light brown- now it’s back to being a bit darker.


Swimming Home, by Deborah Levy- There’s a full review here. Great read. Short but packs a punch.

Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through The Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll- I have to read both for uni, and you won’t hear me complaining because I actually adore these books. The first is my favourite, but ‘Jabberwocky’ is  one of my favourite poems, appearing in the second.

How To Be Calm- This is more a picture book with little quotes, and advice, on how to embrace being calm. I read a few pages each morning, and it brightened my day. A must for anyone in their third year of uni.


Cambria Joy Vlogs– This YouTube channel brings me so much happiness. I love Cambria’s positivity and outlook on life. We’re the same age, but I still really look up to this girl. We’ve struggled with some of the same issues, and yet her approach to everything is so overwhelmingly positive that I turn to her vlogs to brighten my morning constantly- I genuinely feel her attitude is infectious, but she also keeps it down to earth and real.

The Honest Fit Girl– All things fitness, but with a dash of super-refreshing honesty (hence the name), and a clear perspective on the parts of the health and fitness industry that aren’t so healthy. Check it out via the link!










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