32 Random Acts of Kindness

‘Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear, and the blind can see’

-Mark Twain-

  1. Hold a door open for someone
  2. Make a cup of tea for someone
  3. Remember how said person likes their tea
  4. Hand-write some letters and cards
  5. Send random texts, y’know, if you don’t like writing
  6. Smile at strangers- could be the only smile they see that day
  7. Say a random “Morning!/Afternoon!/Evening!” to a stranger
  8. Put your phone face-down, or into your pocket/bag, when having a conversation. A person’s time is their most valuable gift.
  9. Lend someone a pen when theirs dies
  10. Give up your seat on a bus if someone needs it more
  11. Bake someone something
  12. Leave positive quote sticky notes all over the house
  13. Just asking “are you okay?”, and being interested in the answer
  14. Leave comments letting someone know their blog post made a difference for you
  15. Donate things you don’t need to someone who could really use them
  16. Clean the house
  17. Help someone out with work they’re struggling to understand
  18. Give someone a compliment they didn’t expect- think people working on checkouts, waiting staff, shop assistants…unfortunately, customers are often rude to these people, but you can change that
  19. Make a cup of tea and give some biscuits to someone working outdoors. I was brought up so that if someone is fixing something on the street (the streetlamps, pavement, a fence), and it’s cold out, they automatically get offered a cup of tea.
  20. Buy someone flowers- or take some into a nursing home
  21. Buy some doughnuts, or bake something, and take it to one of your local emergency services along with a thank you note for all the work they do
  22. See someone without an umbrella when it’s chucking it down? If you have a hood, or aren’t far from home and can run, then offer yours
  23. Meals on wheels. If you live near someone old or who lives alone, and cook for a family, then when you have extra you could offer some to your neighbour, and then freeze the remaining portions.
  24.  Your time is more valuable thing: volunteering when you have some time spare is an amazing act of kindness
  25. Take your dog for a walk
  26. Be patient with people (I find this one the hardest if I’m honest)
  27. Tape enough change for a cuppa, in a little envelope, to a vending machine- you never know who REALLY needs a brew, but lost their purse
  28. If someone only has a few items then let them in front of you when waiting at the till
  29. Bring yourself, tea, a DVD, and snacks to a friend that needs a hug and some down-time
  30. Leave a random gift for someone: every Christmas we leave the dustbin men a box of chocolates. I think we need to do this more often – once every couple of months, or every month, maybe.
  31. Donate food to a homeless shelter
  32. Pass on a talent that can be taught

And remember…it’s consistent kindness that makes the most difference.


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