7 Things I do EVERY evening

Roughly a week ago I published my ‘7 Things I do every morning’, and this week we’ve got 7 things I do every evening.

Evenings are just as important as mornings, and the right evening routine will, most nights, help me get up in the morning as it lets me wind down and sleep well. Although obviously if you’ve been out or something your routine might be shaken up a bit, having a routine you follow most nights means that your brain gets used to reading certain activities as a signal to wind down.  Personally, I struggle to maintain an evening routine more than I do a morning routine, how about you guys? However, an evening routine can be extremely calming if you do struggle to sleep, and so is worth persevering with- even if only at times when you need an extra good night’s sleep.

Eat a good meal

This gives my body the fuel it needs to repair itself, and a well balanced evening meal usually gives me a good night’s sleep- something not too heavy, but that means I don’t wake up hungry in the night. Tea time is also the point at which I usually stop working for the day, and so cooking a meal, then sitting down to eat signals that it’s time to relax.

Complete my cleansing routine

This is more of a beauty-based thing, but on an evening (however tired I am) I always double cleanse. I’ll remove any makeup if I’m wearing it, wash my face with just warm water, then a splash of cold water, wipe with micellar water, moisturise, apply spot cream if I need to. Also: brush the teeth, of course.

Tidy up

Clearing up my space feels like I’m clearing up my mind. Before I go to bed, I get everything in order, and I find that when I do this I sleep a hell of a lot better. Particularly, putting away any uni work I’ve been doing. Physically putting work away feels like its being placed into the right folder in my mind, and placed to one side until tomorrow.

Prep for tomorrow

This is when I’ll pack up my bag, get an outfit out, and (if I need to) pack up breakfast and lunch. In the morning I can just grab and go. Particularly if you’re an early morning gym-goer, having everything ready is my secret weapon.

Tech ban

At least 30 minutes before bed I put my phone onto aeroplane mode, and ignore it for the rest of the evening. Everyone knows I do this, and so it isn’t the end of the world if I don’t reply to messages until the morning. The blue light from phones keep our brains awake, and if you have notifications and emails coming through as you fall asleep, then your mind is bound to be on those when you try to hit the sack.

Dim the lights

As it gets closer to lights out, I actually dim the lights. I have a bedside lamp and whack that on instead of the main light about an hour before going to bed. It prepares your brain for sleep by letting it know the sun is going down.

Read or write with a cup of herbal tea

Something non-tech related. Picking up a book I want to read (aka. not uni material usually, because you have to actively read- underlining and highlighting as you go), and simply relaxing with it. Alternatively, I’ll write in my journal, or do some create writing. My choice for the cup of tea is liquorice & peppermint; this is a flavour I have pretty much every evening, and as its caffeine-free it doesn’t keep me up all night.


So there are some of the steps I take in my evening routine, and if you have any evening rituals then I’d love to hear them in the comments below…



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