7 Things I do EVERY morning

I have had a lot of people in my life over the years ask me ‘How come you’re such a morning person?’. It’s true, I really am a fan of mornings (the flipside being that I’m asleep by 10pm). Mornings and if you enjoy them are partly down to whether you’re an AM-er or a PM-er, and this depends on whether your body clock is too fast or too slow (you can read about this in my review of ‘Sleep’ by Nick Littlehales). However, you can do a few things in the morning to make them more pleasant if you’re a hard-core morning-hater.

Below are 7 things I do every morning (excluding actually getting washed and dressed, as that’s pretty explanatory), and its incredible how much more positive I feel having completed them. Making mornings enjoyable is the key to getting out of bed: if you wake up, throw on clothes, skip breakfast, and run for the bus- then no wonder you hate mornings. If you can, wake up an hour earlier and get yourself into a morning routine; try and pick out some habits that you know would cheer you up, or just get your head into the right place for the rest of the day…


Make the bed

If you do nothing else on this list, then do this one thing. Making the bed makes your space tidy, and a tidy space means a tidier state of mind for the rest of the day in my experience.


Hydrating first thing ensures I’m awake as fast as possible. I aim to drink one 700ml bottle I take everywhere before I eat breakfast. If drinking water on an empty stomach makes you queasy, then drink this with or after breakfast- just get it down you before your morning coffee. Hydrate before you caffeinate to avoid dehydration.


Another thing that keeps my head clear for the rest of the day is a short meditation. In the morning I’m often more of a get-up-and-go person, so I opt for a four minute meditation from Bexlife’s YouTube channel.

Gratitude/ regular journaling

Journaling can really set you up for the day in terms of giving you a positive mind-set for the rest of the day. I’ll either write a full page or so if I have something I really want to say, or get out of my mind and onto the paper- or, more often, I’ll do a list entry. So, one of 5 things I’m grateful for, 5 things I’m looking forward to that day, 5 things that make me happy…


My favourite part of the morning, because although I’m ready in about half an hour (including the above), by this point I am ready for food. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and on the menu is either porridge or egg white oats with fruit and nut butter, or shredded wheat with hot milk, fruit, and chia seeds or nut butter. Or toast with eggs or avocado or both, or peanut butter and banana. Oh, and hot lemon water.

Inspirational YouTube video/podcast

I know some say not to go on social media at all in a morning, but while I’m eating my breakfast I like to whack on a couple of short videos from my favourite vloggers. Try and choose vloggers with a positive outlook and attitude, or even a TED Talk’s video- something that puts you in a good mood, or engages the mind in a positive way.


Do some kind of physical activity. I tend to go to the gym 3-4 mornings a week, and then walk home, or into uni for the day. If it’s not a gym day, then I’ll just go for a short walk after breakfast, as the fresh air really wakes me up and puts me in a great mood. I’m not about to tell you to go for a full on weights session in the gym if that doesn’t appeal to you. If you can, simply get outdoors and do a short walk at some point during the morning- even if it’s just the walk to work.


If you have any more morning habits that you love, or you think other readers would benefit from then feel free to leave them in comments below!



3 thoughts on “7 Things I do EVERY morning

  1. I love this! I swear we have some of the same things in common when it comes to mornings! I have now decided to do some in-bed meditation to add to my mornings (did it for the first time today before my workout, and felt so wonderful!) . This was a fun post to read about you and your mornings!



    1. Aww I’m glad you liked the post! I always love hearing about people’s mornings- it’s like a window into someone’s life 🙂 Wow, I hope the meditation is going well- it’s always so calming to start the day like that. Have you tried Bexlife’s 4 minute meditations on YouTube? They’re perfect for busy days!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry it has taken me some time to get back with you, ha. Uhm, but no, I have not tried that meditation, but I will look into it today, thank you! I don’t mind looking into something new 🙂



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