NEW BOOJA-BOOJA REVIEW! (well, the two flavours I could find…)


Today we are taking a look at a product I have wanted to review for quite some time now. I’ve been holding out the hope of getting my hands on the other two new Booja-Booja ice creams (I even DM-ed Booja-Booja. They didn’t reply), but so far I haven’t found the Chocolate Salted Caramel, or the Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle. Which is a shame, because I have a chocolate-tooth to satisfy.

However, I did get hold of the Raspberry Ripple, and the Caramel Pecan Praline. These are the flavours I shall be reviewing today. Hint: both taste great, and might just beat the classic chocolate or ginger (current favourites) hands down. I ate the Raspberry one whilst making notes on my phone’s memos. I ate the Caramel Pecan one outdoors in Decemer with a friend. That is dedication to ice-cream.

For all of the background on the regular flavours and the brand, you can check out my first post on the original flavours right here. There I reviewed the vanilla and the ginger flavours, but please know that the straight up chocolate is also amazing; it’s super rich, to the point of being like a truffle in ice-cream form. Drizzle peanut butter over the top and you’re good to go. The coconut flavour is also great- creamy but weirdly refreshing, and incredible with grilled banana. The only flavour I wasn’t keen on was the maple-pecan, which was slightly too sweet for me. The new pecan flavour is much better…

As usual, these flavours are both dairy-free, soy-free, artificial flavours free, refined sugar free, and organic. Even if you aren’t really too fussed about all of the above, this ice cream is always worth a try. The texture is better than most regular luxury ice creams, and the flavours are clear and crisp. You also have the added bonus of their being pretty good for you on the scale of ice creams.

Raspberry Ripple

Okay, the same  incredibly creamy texture all Booja-Booja ice-creams have. None of them have the icy texture most dairy-free frozen good have. The flavour is a vanilla base, with what is almost a raspberry jam swirled throughout. The raspberry flavour is surprisingly natural in taste, with just the right amount of sharpness to it. I found this flavour at a Waitrose back in Yorkshire, but haven’t seen it elsewhere.

This would be amazing with fresh berries, or a lemon flavoured dessert- as well as in a good old-fashioned ice-cream sundae. I have even had this on pancakes and baked oatmeal for breakfast.

Ingredients: water, agave syrup, cashew nuts, freeze dried raspberries, vanilla


Caramel Pecan Praline

This flavour is the richer of the two, but also possibly my favourite. The ice cream base is a caramel-vanilla flavour, with salted caramel pecan praline swirled throughout (swirls are something Booja-Booja appear to be liking right now). You get chunks of pecans covered in this salted caramel occasionally, and those chunks MAKE this ice cream. If you are a hard-core nut butter fan, this is for you. I bought a 500ml tub of this from the same Waitrose as the above, and it was gone in under a week. I also found this in the 110ml posts in an independent vegan shop in Newcastle.

Ingredients: water, cashew nuts, coconut syrup, agave syrup, pecan nuts, sea salt, vanilla


There you go- a super quick review of these two new flavours. Try them both if you can (I know they’re expensive, so pace yourself and enjoy as a treat maybe), but the Caramel Pecan is my favourite. The thing I most love about this brand (other than the taste) is the minimal ingredients; for an ice cream with such great texture and intense flavour I find this incredibly impressive. My only issue: not enough places stock the new flavours yet. Have any of you managed to try the chocolate flavours? Or do you have a favourite ice cream flavour, full stop? If so, let me know below!


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