I HAVEN’T made health and fitness goals this year?!

You are possibly wondering how on earth a primarily food and fitness blogger, with the long term aim of building muscles, has failed to make any health and fitness goals for 2017. No weight lifting goals. No veganuary. No personal best milestones. No six small meals a day. No…nothing.

Don’t be shocked.

Every year since the age of 11 I have made a resolution / goal concerned with altering my body. It has come in the shape of what I eat, how often I work out, when I eat, how much I eat… and whatever other goals I have had have suffered from lack of attention compared to that one body-focused goal.

A health and fitness goal is the epitome of the New Year. It’s when everyone runs to the gym/goes on a diet/ we see frozen looking joggers sliding around on icy January streets. For nearly 10 years I have been one of those people- and at first, I’ll openly admit, it was in an attempt to change how my body looked. It wasn’t for my health. I hated my thighs, my stomach, my face, my arms-  I hated it all. I was one of those pudding-like kids, in the throes of puberty, very awkward, and convinced that losing weight would solve all my problems. I feel as if most people who are into fitness can relate to this on some level.

The desire to be skinny wore off a few years ago. But the obsession with a body-focused New Year’s resolution did not. Ultimately, my health and fitness journey as a whole has lead me to have an enormous respect for what my body can do, and prioritise my health- but not before I’d gone through a few rough patches with it. I often say that however bad things are, you will always learn from it. I did learn from it, and for that I’m grateful, but this year something changed. Perhaps it began to change last year, when I set myself the goal of actually gaining weight -after unintentionally letting my weight slip too low- and  upping my strength. Since then my focus and motivations have shifted, and for 2017 I wanted to take this further.

I decided that I did want to make progress with my fitness- but not measure it in the way I always have. I wouldn’t be making resolutions to reach X weight squats in the gym. Or to “eat better”, or weigh less or more.  Nope. This year, I will continue doing what I began doing towards the end of last year, which was being conscious of balance and enjoying movement (you can read my most recent post about balance, and eating as if you already loved your body, right here). I will continue to try new workouts, I will increase my weight when it becomes too light, and I will push myself in the gym. But I will take this step by step- I won’t really be thinking about it. I won’t be making it a focus. I will be doing what I genuinely  enjoy, not what I feel I should enjoy. I want to relax my approach to health and fitness- not in a “eat all the cake and don’t work out” way- health and fitness  is such a natural part of my life now, and I do it so automatically, that it doesn’t need to be made any more of a priority.

This year I want to focus on all of those areas that have lost out the past few years. You can read the full post on my 2017 Goals here. After so many years of focusing on one goal, the end product of which I was never happy with, I feel it’s time to give the goals in the above post the spotlight.


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