GOALS for my 2017 …

Happy New Year my fabulous readers! I hope you’re all looking forward to another amazing year, and plenty of opportunities to achieve some serious goals. If you’re new to the blog, welcome- and if you’re returning then thanks for stopping by.

If you are a returning reader, then we also all know I prefer goals to resolutions; goals have more flexibility and can be broken into specific steps, rather than an intimidating “I am giving up X from now on. Forever”. If you’re new, then you can read my post all about that right here.

It has taken me a lot of pondering to decide what I want to focus on this year. In the end I have tried to get a spread of practical goals, and also some that are more emotionally or mentally focused, and so more subjective in how I measure my progress.

Choosing just a few goals doesn’t mean you have to ignore all of the other dreams you have for the year ahead; I simply choose a few big ones to really focus on. I also break the big goals down into smaller chunks, which you won’t see here, but is one of my top tips for achieving what you really want. You can always add to them as you go through the year, and you can always have a mini-bucket list on the side, so all of those small things that you look forward to (e.g. eating fro-yo with X and Y; visiting the beach; Have a BBQ etc.) can be ticked off too.

I also have a little list of habits that I did master in 2016 which I will be carrying through into 2017, as they are now simply habits. I’ve included them just in case you like the idea of any of these tried and tested goals, and want to give them a try…


2016 Habits I am continuing:

Having a morning routine


Saying ‘no’

Prioritising & Single Tasking

Organisation & Bullet Journaling

Regular self-care time


The Goals

  1. Learn the basics of another language- I always feel guilty that I only speak English, and haven’t worked hard enough to learn another language in the past. At the time of writing this I am actually stuck between learning French, or sign language. I am leaning towards French, but sign language might be my 2018 goal…
  2. Expand my blog and IG- I want to make my blog even more professional looking, and obviously turn out the best content that I can. In 2016 I feel I really began to get to grips with this, and 2017 means more opportunities to do so. I also want to get more social with you guys! This means more Insta-snaps, maybe a twitter account, perhaps a YouTube channel (again, the last one may have to be a 2018 goal, as my blog is my focus this year)
  3. Expand my mind & enrich my life- I want to read more books, watch more documentaries, listen to more podcasts, research more feminist conversations to join in with, gain a better understanding of current affairs and politics, see new art forms…I have specific numbers of what I want to achieve, but I won’t add those in today.
  4. Travel more- I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much in my life. My parents work hard to support myself and my brother, meaning that there hasn’t been much time for it. In 2017 I’m hoping to save some cash, and take myself to 2 places outside of the UK, and about 4 new places inside the UK.
  5. Learn to drive- Because I can’t yet, and it is an essential life skill, which I want to have mastered before the end of the year. I plan on taking an intensive course.
  6. Manage my money better, and choose an amount to save as a goal- The above two both require money. I know I can cut back and save, and so I’ll be setting some specific amounts for each trip, and my driving lessons, and then putting aside money each week.
  7. Start to establish my career path- I’d like to get a proper, post-graduation job, preferably in PR and Marketing. I have no idea how this will turn out, but I’m working on it. My back up is actually to train as a PT so I can always have some form of employment- again, need to look into this.
  8. Relax- Basically get a better work/life balance going. I really struggle with this, and being in my final year of uni, it has gotten much worse. 2017 is the year I am going to force myself to become a little more balanced. I am a workaholic and I need to be mentally stimulated in order to function and remain happy in myself, but I often miss the sign saying “Burn Out Ahead”.
  9. Be more adventurous & accept fear/ uncertainty – All of these goals are scary and exciting in equal measure. In the past, I have let fear stop me from doing things I really wanted to do. This year, I will be working on not letting fear stop me.
  10. Enjoy- Be happy and content with what I have, whilst working for what I want. This is incredibly important. I want to be grateful for all, and remain positive, whilst working for all I want. I have so much to be grateful for, and I won’t be losing touch with that this year.



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