December Favourites 2016


wp-1482414298911.jpgEgg White Oats- Quick and simple, super-creamy, tasty, high protein…what’s not to love?

Gingerbread Baked Oatmeal- Okay, I possibly enjoyed this more than the above. Gooey, warming, sweet…picture to the left, and recipe right here.

Omelettes- I have been living off of these recently. So versatile, so cheap- and especially good with mushrooms cooked into them, served with dry roasted potatoes, brown sauce, and broccoli.

Violet’s Café, Newcastle- This is down by the Quayside, and is one of the most perfect cafes I’ve ever visited. They have an Instagram account, and serve amazing food in quirky surroundings- it’s great for a girl’s coffee/ brunch date. Full review coming in 2017.


Christmas Lights- I have spent a lot of time walking around, eyeing up other people’s Christmas lights this year. Our streetlights are out, making those fairy-lights look all the more magical (and necessary to not breaking your neck)

Health & Fitness

Nuffield Health Gyms- I’ve got a membership here while I’m home, as part of my Christmas present. And it is the BEST gym I have ever entered. Plus, they do 12 point health checks (I got 91 out of 100. #morethanproud), and provide guidance as to what training is right for you. Something I desperately need, as I am more than a little bored with my current routine and lost as to how to increase my strength.

HIIT- One thing I don’t grow bored of though is HIIT. However, I am a fickle human being and this may change. But not any time soon.

USA Pro Sport Bra- This is the comfiest, most supportive sports bra I have ever owned, and it looks- there’s no other way to say it- fabulous!  Gone are the days of boob pain during HIIT.


Banana-Cacao-Hazelnut Smoothie- I made this on a whim about a week ago, and it tasted like Nutella smothered on a banana. Recipe will be coming up in the next week…

Beauty wp-1482952086020.jpg

Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream- My mum sent me this as my hands become ridiculously chapped in winter. I’m the kind of person who gets chilblains and cracked skin, and applying this at night has really helped with warding that off.

LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb- Glittery, minty smell, loads of colours. A new favourite.

Books & Entertainment

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol- This is my favourite Christmas film, so it deserved a mention this month.

Humans of New York, Stories- I loved the first book, I love the blog,  I’ve  wanted this book for ages – and this Christmas I was thrilled to receive it . Haven’t put it down since Christmas day. The images and stories behind them are beautiful, funny, heart-breaking, and every single one makes me want to visit NYC all the more.

Planet Earth II- I love David Attenborough documentaries. I was the child who (not so secretly) didn’t mind watching them on the last day of term in Biology Class, as a “treat”. Now I’m home fwp-1482953516273.jpgor Christmas, I have some time to catch up, and I’m loving every minute.

In Order To Live, by Yeonmi Park- This is a book I have a full review of coming up, but you have to buy and read it right now. It’s eye-opening, and gives incredible insight into North Korean life, human trafficking, and the lengths people will go to to escape the regime of North Korea. I couldn’t stop reading this, and having finished it cannot put into words how courageous Yeonmi is.


Spoken word poetry- Poetry is ultimately meant to be heard, not read. Spoken word poetry is having a moment on YouTube, and I am more than loving it. It’s an incredibly powerful art form, and I currently recommend taking a look at Kaylo’s channel.– I was researching muscle building and maintaining body love and all other manner of things- and stumbled across this site. Which contains a wealth of interesting articles, and which I want to share with you all. Joy Victoria, the site administrator and writer, doesn’t mince her words, and her articles are a refreshing read next to women’s health magazines, and the upcoming shit-storm of New Year’s diet resolutions.


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