23 Things to do this December & Christmas…

  1. Go for a winter morning walk, and see the sunrise (not too difficult this time of year)
  2. Make some comfort food with friends and/or family: try sweet potato mash with sausages, gravy, and dry fried red onion and cabbage, or a Quorn chilli with rice, or some fajitas…and of course, Christmas dinner
  3. Decorate gingerbread men to look like your friends in Christmas jumpers. Feel free to make them as offensive as possible.
  4. Go to a carol service. Even though I’m not religious, I love the atmosphere of a carol service at Christmas. Sometimes up here in Newcastle you can find jazz themed carol services as well…
  5. Watch a Christmas film with friends
  6. Make some Christmas cocktails / mocktails (Pinterest is great for both)
  7. Decorate a Christmas tree – even a mini one
  8. Write, or make, some Christmas cards– this is great if someone you love lives far away, and wants something more interesting than bills in the post!
  9. Create a cosy living room / bedroom space by lighting some candles, placing fairy lights in jam jars, and throwing some blankets around
  10. Take a book to a café, and buy a Christmas drink (or if you don’t like Christmas drinks, like me, then go with whatever floats your boat). This is especially great if you have cafés open late at night- because the atmosphere is that bit cosier…
  11. Give some gifts that you’ve really put thought into– they don’t need to be expensive, you can make them yourself!
  12. Give something to people you don’t know. Food banks pop up in most supermarkets around this time of year, because unfortunely a lot of people wont have such a great Christmas. Putting a few items in these really help others out. There are other things you can do too: if you know that you’re getting new clothes for Christmas for example, then donate your old ones to charity! You may not need them, but someone else will.
  13. Make some mince pies. My mum makes ones with orange pastry and orange flavoured mascarpone cheese inside. It’s like a cheesecake and a mince pie procreated, and they’re amazing.
  14. Watch some Vlogmas videos on YouTube
  15. Take a hot, relaxing bath, with a bath bomb
  16. Consider what you want to get out of 2017, and what the highlights of 2016 have been…
  17. Build a fort and have an indoor picnic
  18. Go to a Christmas market
  19. Go for a night-time walk and gaze at everyone’s Christmas lights
  20. Organise a Secret Santa
  21. Have a snowball fight
  22. Go ice skating or sledding (if it snows)
  23. Spend time with people you love- because this is what Christmas is actually about.

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