Quotespirational Monday 05/12/16- In which we talk about not needing to “measure up”…

You Are Enough.

This week guys we’re using a quotation which is so simple, and so relevant to you all.

And these types of quotations are my favourite.

I won’t be regaling you with personal experiences for too long. But I’ll say this: numerous times in my life I have felt that I am somehow not enough- and that’s a pretty common thing to feel by the looks of it.

If life was always perfect we’d never grow. If we believed we were enough all of the time, then we would never strive to improve and learn.


And this is a big but. I never want anyone to tell you that you are not enough based on their impression of what you should be matching up to.  

This week just gone I watched a great video by Tally Rye over on YouTube (watch it right here), about not having a six pack, even though (thanks to social media) it can (unjustly) be expected of a PT. And it really made me consider how to be happy, you kind of have to accept that even if you have goals you want to achieve, you have to find your balance, and you have to realise that you are enough just the way you are, before you reach for these. You can’t live your life unhappy in the present moment, waiting to be something else. Do you think a caterpillar hates its life whilst waiting to become a butterfly? No, it eats the goddam leaves and sunbathes and enjoys itself.

And, even if you never achieve your own aforementioned goal, you are still enough!

So, here are some things that you can be enough despite not having.

You can be enough even without:

Having a figure that is the current socially accepted one (believe me, it will change)

Having the perfect job

Getting the best grade you’re ever gotten on an essay

That partner/ friend’s/ relative’s approval

Any partner

The fancy clothes the girl in your class wears

Being as strong as the next person in the gym, or having a six pack

Being as rich as your neighbours

Being as funny/talented/accomplished as your friend

You can be enough even if:

You haven’t figured out what you want from life

You didn’t get to the gym today and feel you’ve “fallen off the wagon” (whatever that means…)

You haven’t achieved every single goal you set this time last year

You are struggling with mental or physical health

Instead of thinking of all the things that makes you feel you aren’t enough, I want you to take a look on the positive side this week, and consider all of the things that make you more than enough. All the things that you have achieved.  Consider your talents, and accomplishments- however small- and be proud of them.






































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