My Favourite HIIT Workouts…

For today’s post I thought that I’d let you all in on some of my favourite HIIT workouts, and which PTs I get them from. HIIT is something I began to get into about 6 months ago, and has gradually worked its way into my routine as I’ve become more into working out. But what is it?

H- high

I- intensity

I- interval

T- training

The idea is that you do short, intense bursts of exercise followed by a rest period- and then you repeat this for a certain number of sets and reps, or a certain time period. For example you may have 5 exercises, and be told to complete 15 reps of each straight through, with 60 seconds rest at the end- then repeat this five times. Another option is saying you have 5 exercises, and you’ll do each for 30 seconds, taking 30 seconds rest between them, and continuing this for 5 sets.


Here are my favourite HIIT workout providers…

-Leanin15’s Joe Wicks-

Joes does great at-home appropriate HIIT sessions, and there are so many that you simply have to google his name to bring them all up. I’ve always found that these can be modified for beginners too, so don’t worry about not being able to keep up. My favourite are found in the back of his first Leanin15 cookbook (obviously I’m unsure I can reproduce them here due to copyright!)

-Clean Eating Alice-

Alice is a tiny little powerhouse of a person, and my favourite HIIT workout is actually one of hers, featuring:

  • Goblet squats with an overhead press
  • Windmills
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Clean and presses

You can find this workout right here, and many more on Alice’s FB page, as it’s packed with them. I find endless HIIT inspiration from her.

Other YouTubers you’ll want to check out for HIIT are the Tone It Up girls, and Carly Rowena, as well as Fitness Blender- though the above are my personal go-to sources.

-Designing Your Own-

How about if you want to form a HIIT workout yourself? Well, a simple way to do this is to take up toΒ five of your favourite exercises, which can be performed quickly, and arrange them into a circuit. You can use weighted exercises, cardio exercises, plyo exercises, or a mix. So, one warm up I love is this:


30 seconds of box jumps

30 seconds mountain climbers

30 seconds push ups

(30 seconds of rest in-between each exercise)


If I wanted a full workout I could up this to 5 exercises, making sure I have an exercise for each bit of the body, and up the sets to 5. So, I would possibly change the push ups to push ups with a row, and add in bicep curls, and Russian twists, to give the below:


30 seconds of box jumps

30 seconds Russian twists

30 seconds mountain climbers

30 seconds modified push ups with a dumbbell row

30 seconds bicep curls

(30 seconds of rest in-between each exercise)


As usual, this is just what I like to do, and I’m no personal trainer- so take it with a pinch of salt!

Good luck with your HIIT workouts guys!



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