November Favourites 2016…


Canned mackerel– I cannot emphasise enough how much I am loving this right now. Fresh fish is a little pricey on a student budget- but cans of mackerel are 66p down at Tesco, they go well in packed lunches, and you can get them in a sweet chilli sauce. I see no downside.

Jim Jam’s Hazelnut Spread– If you look at my instasnap now and again, then you’d have realised that on my overnight oats I have been loving this healthier nutella alternative. It’s creamy, its nutty, its chocolate-y- and its really good on top of ice cream as well. And on rice cakes with banana, on porridge, or just off of the spoon.

Health & Fitness

HIIT Workouts- We all know I’ve gone through the following workout stages: Pilates, weights, at-home, various classes… Now I’ve moved into the realms of HIIT training. I still train with weights, but only once a week. I feel I need some guidance to progress further in that area, and right now I can’t afford to pay for that guidance. PTs don’t come cheap at my uni gym. So weighted HIIT training it is! More so, I find it fun. I was becoming bored with my old routine, and this had allowed me to switch it up a bit. The best routines I have found are from Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach), and Clean Eating Alice (her facebook page has regular videos posts about them, so you can see the moves clearly)

Nuffield Health Gym- So, speaking of gyms, my mum recently signed up with one, and couldn’t go with good old Pure Gym, oh no. She signed up to the most expensive gym in my home town and got herself a PT. But she also took me with her on a guest pass when I visited home. This was like the Mount Olympus of all gyms. All the equipment worked, it had a friendly atmosphere, the showers had temperature controls, and the café was amazing and had food that was reasonably priced. It had a swimming pool, several gym rooms, a steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi- it even had a frigging machine for wringing out wet swimsuits. I’m trying to figure out which of my organs I can sell to buy a membership.


Human Hungry Hippos- Okay, we played this at my friend’s 21st mid-month, and it’s actually better than ring of fire. You lie on your stomach on a board with wheels, and your team push you forward towards a ball-pool. You have to grab as many balls as you can before switching team members. Team with the most balls at the end wins.

Grease (the movie)- One of my flatmates was assigned this film for a module she takes on the Spielberg generation (80’s films). The third time she had to watch it, I was the one putting it in the DVD player. Nostalgia on a disc, and we now know the words to pretty much all of the songs.


Breakfast Tea- Yep, I’d usually opt for a cup of mint or herbal tea- but recently as the weather has grown colder, and I’ve tried to cut back on my coffee, this has regained a place in my heart. It actually is comfort in a cup.


Newcastle Christmas Farmer’s Market – This appears at the end of each month, and in November it goes all Christmas-y. And I am determined to buy myself a nutella crepe very soon. If you’re living in the city, or live nearby, it’s always work a look.

Fenwick’s Christmas Window– It’s a Beatrix Potter theme this year. I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Jumpers- I have one specific jumper in mind, which I bought from New Look last year. It’s a mix of different threads of grey and black, and keeps me just warm enough. Because I don’t feel that its actually that cold at the moment. But I’m prepared for when the weather changes. Because winter is coming guys.

Nivea Lip Butters– I currently have the Macadamia & Vanilla one, and its one of the most moisturising lip products I’ve ever owned.


KellyUFit, YouTube Channel- I found Kelly through last month’s favourite channel (Jenn Brett), and have been watching her videos on a loop for about two weeks now. I love her attitude to health, fitness, and life in general; she has such passion, and is extremely multi-talented. She sings, makes great videos on health and leading a balanced life, and is a published academic researcher with a paper on the social environment and genetic factors of childhood obesity. Kelly has a good head on her shoulders, and I recommend her channel to you all.

Avicii vs Nicky Romero, I Could Be The One- I know this is old, but its my current favourite song. Because as a third year, visions of being stuck in a dead-end job are beginning to haunt me.

Things I am NOT loving right now (oooh a new section!)

My uni’s gym facilities- Not open until 9am on a Saturday or a Sunday, showers that smell like the alley behind a pub, tiny changing rooms, and broken gym equipment. Get it together.

My uni library’s weekend tea & coffee facilities- No longer am I permitted to steal a paper cup, because the machines don’t give you them unless you have paid. They also don’t give you milk for if you do fork out for a cuppa- though the actual café isn’t open until 11am on a weekend. Hence no builder’s brew with milk for me on a Saturday morning.

Halloween decorations…that are still kicking around in my flat– My flatmate wanted to send some back, but the remains still sit on our dining room table, like a deflated house of horrors. And I won’t buy Christmas decorations in until they’re gone, because I’m weirdly superstitious about festive decorations.


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