Bio-tiful Dairy: Review

wp-1477655469264.jpgUsually, when I write a review, I’ve had my eye on a product for a good while. It’s not often I see a product, and decide on the spur of the moment I need to write about you. This product was one of the latter. I was in Boots, I saw it in the fridge, I was hungry- and the rest is history.

I’d never seen or heard of the brand before, but you guys actually seemed to have over on IG! To be honest, what immediately attracted me was that the flavours, which included Morello Cherry, and Honey & Mint. What cinched it was how great the ingredients were, and the health benefits that come from this yoghurt based drink. And the packaging. Because I have to say, I am a sucker for packaging, and this design really appealed to me in its colourful yet simple look. I am the sort of person these things really please for some reason.

Before we get started I have to say that the only downside is this: Boots seems to be the only high-street store that consistently stocks this product. Apparently the Co-Op do as well, but other than this the stockists are places like Harrods, Fortnam & Mason, WholeFoods, Selfridges etc. The kind of fancy places I don’t have back home.


Let’s take a look at the flavours…

Morello Cherry

Refreshing and fruity. Instead of the usual fake-cherry taste you get with cherry themed drinks and yoghurts, this one tasted 100% natural. Probably because the key ingredients were listed as organic milk from British farms, and Morello cherry puree. It’s always good to see this instead of “cherry flavouring”.

Honey & Mint

I wasn’t sure which flavour would come through the most strongly here. Turns out, it was a pretty good balance. No fears of toothpaste flavoured yoghurt drinks here. The company use blossom honey, adding just a touch of sweetness, and the mint is fresh but not overpowering. They both work wonderfully with the super-creamy yoghurt.

Organic Kefir

This had an almost natural yoghurt/cottage cheese taste. It wasn’t sweet like the other two, which I actually liked, and was thicker in texture. It only contains organic cow’s milk fermented with live kefir cultures- so if you aren’t a fan of fruity yoghurt drinks, then this one has you covered.


Finally, I did some digging around on Bio-tiful’s website to find some of the health benefits of the drink, which you can read below:

  • Naturally high in protein and calcium, so they’re great for bone support and recovery after exercise (the fruit smoothies contain in the region of 7.5g of protein each, and the kefir contains 8.3g per serving)
  • They contain essential vitamins B12 and B2 (pretty much all animal products contain B12 though), and also tonnes of gut-friendly bacteria (of five different types I read). This means that they can claim to support a healthy digestive system
  • Contain antibodies and antioxidants, and so assist with immune support
  • No added sugar

Which makes them better than a lot of the yoghurt drinks you can usually pick up. They’re definitely worth a try if you want a light, drinkable snack with brilliant taste and added health benefits. I really hope that the brand expands and brings me lots of new and inventive flavours to try (hint hint).




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