Quotespirational Monday 14/11/16- In which we talk realising that you can’t live in the future…

You are exactly where you need to be.

If you read last week’s post (right here) then you’ll know that this week just gone I tried to cut out multitasking. And it made me realise something I think we could maybe all do with realising: although you need to have goals, you shouldn’t sacrifice the moment you are in to worry about the future and progress. Enjoy where you are right now, enjoy the journey- because you’ll never be in the same position again.

So how did not multitasking lead me to this conclusion? Well, multitasking means that you effectively stop enjoying where you are right now. It means that instead of focusing on doing one thing, doing it well, and giving it all of your energy, you are doing/ thinking about 3 different things at once. Why do we do this? Because we are affectively trying to avoid being in that one moment of doing just one thing. We need to move on to the next thing, we need to make progress right now, we need to feel productive- because that means that we are moving forwards. When in actual fact, we’re not being productive at all. I learnt that in staying in one moment, focusing on one thing, I was more productive, more alert, and much calmer.

The truth is that although progress is great, you need to live in this moment to make it. You can’t just magically bypass all of the work– in trying to do so you actually end up missing out on a lot of the fun. It can be a source of anxiety as well, believing that where you currently are doesn’t somehow reflect your work, or that you’ve disappointed yourself and others by not being further along in achieving your goals. Perhaps you’re comparing yourself to other people, in a different place to you- they are where they need to be, and you are not them.

Perhaps where you are right now is not ideal. My advice here, is this: every bad situation I have ever been in has taught me something I needed to know, whether I needed it in that situation or 6 months down the line. Meaning, where you are now is still exactly where you need to be. And, you may not be able to see it, but perhaps you’re about to turn a corner, if you just keep going.

Right now, you are exactly where you need to be (I can’t say this enough). Be that on a journey of finding your ideal career, a journey to lose/gain weight, to save up for something, or even just to “find yourself”. Don’t rush the process, or try to hurry it along with multitasking and overfilling every second. Relax, understand that it’s part of life, and enjoy.


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