October Favourites 2016


Arlo’s Banana & Hazelnut Porridge- Arlo’s has changed up their breakfast menu now that it’s autumn, and the blueberries topping the porridge have been swapped for banana and whole hazelnuts, with bee pollen and honey. This is the single best porridge I have evwp-1477655469260.jpger eaten out. Recommend it over all of the other porridges available in Newcastle.

Quorn & Vegetable Chilli Con Carne- When I stopped eating red meat, and then chicken, I swapped my beef or turkey chilli for straight up bean chilli. Bean chilli is lovely, but not the same somehow. Sometimes I just want an old fashioned chilli con carne, and I finally got to make one when I tried Quorn mince for the first time. I’ll  link to the recipe right here.wp-1477341637912.jpg

Proper Nutty Peanut Butter, in Smunchy – This is one of my favourite nut butter brands (it’s up there with Meridian), and it has the single best texture I’ve ever come across: smunchy. In-between smooth and crunchy. Which genius came up with that, and why did it take so long?! The PB has nothing but nuts and some salt in it, and has won a permanent place in my cupboard. I believe Proper Nutty only make PB, but I pray that some day they expand their range.


Pumpkin Carving- Can’t not include this around Halloween time.

Hot Water Bottle- Because I get cold feet at night, and a hot wattle bottle is a must for someone who sleeps with the window open, regardless of how far below 0 the temperature falls.

FRINGE Stationary- I was recently bought a new journal, because I’d filled my last one, and my new writing material is from this fabulous stationers. If you’re in Newcastle then there’s a massive display of their wares on Fenwick’s Christmas Floor, which is where I got mine. Perfect paper thickness, perfect line strength and spacing, perfect size of pages, and a beautiful cover reading ‘Be Brave With Your Life’. Paperchase just got beaten hands down, and I never thought I’d say that.

Fenwick’s Newcastle’s Christmas Floor- Leading on from the above… I know this is Newcastle specific, but if you’re in that neck of the woods then check it out. Another major draw was the Beatrix Potter themed display up here, and Miss Tiggywinkle’s Restaurant (though I wish it was called “Tearoom” in the interests of alliteration). I grew up with Beatrix Potter being read at bedtime, and this was a massive walk down memory lane- plus the food there is beautiful. My prediction is that the Fenwick’s window will be a Beatrix Potter scene.


Girl on a Train- This may be a bit controversial, as people seem to love or hate this film. Well, I loved it- mainly because my suspicions were proved right. Also, Emily Blunt is a stellar actress.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children- I possibly enjoyed this even more than the above.  Although for a children’s film it gave me one really bad night’s sleep. The curse of having an overactive imagination…wp-1476905726234.jpg

The Danish Girl- You can read a full review of this on the blog right here right now, but basically I highly recommend this read. I’m challenging myself to read one non-course book (at least) per month, and this was October’s book.

Rock Climbing- So, I class this an ‘Entertainment’. I visited Vertigo Climbing Wall with my friend Yvonne, and wondered why I don’t make time to rock climb more often (again). I think Yvonne wondered why she agreed to come with me, and how anyone could class this as entertaining.


YouTube Channel: Jen Brett – Jen’s ‘About’ page puts herself out there as “a girl with a love for tattoos, fitness, cats and cinnamon buns”. I have to say, this is one of the most accurate ‘About’ sections I’ve ever seen. I love Jen’s videos, having only stumbled upon them this month. I love her attitude to a balanced life and fitness, and find her approach both inspirational, honest, and insanely positive.

Melanie Murphy’s Spoken Word Poem, ‘Femme’– This was a beautiful piece , and the video that goes with it was edited wonderfully. I hope Melanie puts more of her poetry work  onto her YouTube channel, as this showed real talent and appreciation of the spoken word.


Bio-tiful Keffir Drinks- Last but definitely not least, you’ll soon find a full review of these on my blog. For now, know that they’re a thick and creamy cultured yoghurt drink, and come in either a straight up Natural flavour, a Morella Cherry flavour, or a Honey & Mint flavour. I found mine in Boots, I’m in love with them, and they’re a great post gym snack when I don’t have anything on me.


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