Quotespirational Monday 24/10/16

A friend is someone who makes it easy to believe in yourself

-Heidi Wills

Today it’s a little bit of a different Quotespirational- because its specifically about friendship. Tomorrow afternoon one of my best friends will be jetting home to Singapore , and I’m unsure when I’ll get to see her in person again. Last night myself, her flatmates, and other friends gathered at hers for food, board games, gift giving, and one final chill session together. And when I got home, I suddenly realised the value of my friends. In particular this one friend- we’ll refer to her as ‘Y’.

When she came into my life around this time last year I was struggling with some health issues (if you’ve read the blog a long time, then you may remember), and I’d had to quit my part time job as I didn’t know a) what was actually wrong with me, and b) when I’d be better. I was tired, I was trying to keep up with uni been as I’d missed a full week near essay time, and my confidence had taken a bit of a knock.

Occasionally- very rarely actually- certain people walk into your life at just the right time. Though I have many amazing friends, I’ve only ever met a few people with this specific quality of persistence. They’re the kind of people who force their way in, and somehow just take root right in the centre of your little world, whether you like it or not. ‘Y’ was one of these people, and whilst ‘Y’ was only a small part of my getting back to normal, she was a big part of making me believe in myself again, and this my lovely readers is exactly what a good friend should do.

Weeding out toxic people from your life is only one aspect of creating a positive life for yourself- you also need to cram your life with people who make you believe in yourself, and that you believe in. How many people surrounding you make you believe in yourself, no matter is going on? I really hope you have at least one person- friend, or relative, or partner. Maybe you’re lucky, and a few of these people. Perhaps they make you believe you can achieve your dreams, perhaps they give you the little push you need when you can’t quite summon that inner confidence- perhaps they simply bake you amazing cookies when you’re down, or will go on an impromptu coffee trip to cheer you up.

This week, appreciate them. Show them how much they mean to you, and enjoy every minute of their brilliant company- because believe me, they’re rarer than diamonds.


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