Quotespirational Monday 10/10/16- In which we talk house parties, dragons, and cushy bubbles…

‘Great things never came from comfort zones’

This weekend just gone my flatmates broached the subject of having a house party for Halloween. We’d mentioned it before, and left it for a while, and the longer I had to think about the idea, the less I seemed to like it. Now, I LOVE house parties. But, I don’t like parties in my own house. Let me explain why, in just three words: Noise. Mess. People.

At other people’s houses, I can leave. I can put my drink in the bin to contribute to the tidying up. I can go outside and chill there if it gets too loud. At my own house party I can’t leave. I can’t not worry about mess. If I decide I want to go to bed in the early hours, much as I would like to turn the music down, that probably won’t sit so well with the guests. When I discussed what we’d do for Halloween with my flatmates, we initially agreed to dress up and go out. By the time I’d arrived home that evening, it was clear that wasn’t what two of my flatmates (we are a four) wanted to do. And so we’ve ended up planning a house party. On the conditions that a) said flatmates clean the house the next day, and b) if I want to go to bed, that’s fine. And with that sorted, a weird thing has now begun to happen. I am actually looking forward to it. Theoretically, taking out the mess element, I guess I was looking forward to it all along. And the more I thought about it, some very obvious things occurred to me:

  1. It’s our friends that are coming around. And they know that mess pisses me off
  2. It’s my house, so I can do exactly what I like
  3. If I get hungry there’s the added bonus that I can make myself a sandwich
  4. I can dress as a dragon, a costume which- among the more attractive options- probably wouldn’t have gotten me into a club.

The idea was initially right on the very periphery of my comfort zone. But two days later, and I’m probably the most enthusiastic one on the subject out of my flat.

If we always stay in our comfort zones, things never change. True, at some times in your life you need that comfort zone- y’know, because you happen to need comforting. But stepping out side of it can bring you fabulous things (like a dragon costume).

Other times Every time I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, something wonderful has happened. I finally went to the top floor of the gym, and found out that weight lifting is a hobby I really enjoy. I moved to a new city to begin uni and met amazing people, found my ideal career, and a city I want to perhaps live in permanently. During the summer I went and stayed with one of my best friends down in Hull for a night out, giving up all control over what we did/ate/where we went- and it was one of the best nights out I’ve ever been on.

There are many, many things I want to do that are currently outside of my comfort zone. I’m considering moving abroad to work for a couple of years, dependent on money and whether my totally unorganised excuse of a government can sort itself out. I want to move into marketing and PR- and maybe begin my own company. Oh, and I want a new hair cut.

This week, try and do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Go to a new bar. Get that haircut. If you’re sick of your job, and it’s an option, look for a new one. Go on a date. I know I have a lot of ED sufferers following my IG account: try a fear food if you can. Go to the cinema alone. Try a new sport. When you step outside that cushy little bubble, unbelievable things can happen.

And with regards to that house party? Let’s just say there will probably be a small dragon eating PB & banana sandwiches with G&Ts on Halloween this year.





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