September Favourites 2016

Food img_20160911_181120.jpg

Arlo Jesmond- This is one of the best spots for brunch in Newcastle. And it’s not too far from where I live this year, which is good for my appetite, but bad for my purse. Try the hens eggs on toast and get a side of smoked salmon, or their mashed avocado on ciabatta with chilli jam. They also make a wicked cappuccino, and the staff are incredibly friendly. Full review coming soon.

Reflex Bars- When I buy a protein product, it is usually one of three things: a packet of The Protein Ball Co. balls, a Bounce ball, or a Reflex Bar. These are the best high protein bars (excluding the aforementioned balls) I have managed to get hold of. They aren’t chalky, they don’t glue my teeth together, and the flavours I have gotten hold of are great. Full review right here.

Pip & Nut Cinnamon & Honey Cashew Butter- This month I tried the Pip & Nut nut butters for the very first time, and you guys let me know on IG that this is actually a favourite brand with you all. I can see why. They make the most amazing flavour combinations, such as cashew with honey and cinnamon. I also read an article on Pippa, the lady who started the company and found it incredibly inspiring. Did you know she started off from her mum’s garden shed? Made me love the nut butter even more.img_20160918_174839.jpg

Healthy Corn Fritters- You can get the recipe here. These are a great fast, cheap, and tasty alternative when you’re sick of rice/pasta/potato/sweet potato etc. Great with smoked salmon, or with something spicy and Mexican inspired.



Rebel Chocolate Mylk- Holland & Barratt’s have just gotten these in, and they’re the perfect library drink when I want something that’s a bit more of a luxury and nixes my chocolate craving.

Emmi Caffe Latte Iced Strong Macchiato, Unsweetened – I have issues finding strong enough iced coffee, as many places tell me “I’m sorry, we only do iced lattes”. I also have issues with having to ask for sweetener to be left out (surely it should be the other way around- and I should have to ask for sweetener if I want it?). My SU started stocking these coffees recently, and now I have stronger, cheaper coffee, within two minutes of my uni work on a computer. My coffee run before lectures just got a lot shorter.

Entertainment & Other Bits That Don’t Fit Anywhere

Bridget Jones- The first film. I had never before seen it, until my flatmate talked me into watching it with her. It was hilarious. I can’t wait to watch the next one, and then get myself to the cinema to see how it all ends.img_20160914_171222.jpg

Bleak House- Don’t let the size of the book put you off. This was an amazing read. All of the characters are somehow interconnected, and Dickens weaves an intricate and fascinating plotline. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time- 0nce the fairly dull introductory paragraphs were complete- and even though I did see most of the twists and turns coming, for each plot twist I anticipated, there was once I didn’t.  Full review coming soon.

Bullet Journalling- I mentioned this on IntaSnap; it is how I organise my life, alongside my regular old planner. I’ll be writing a post on how to bullet journal/ how I bullet journal soon, but if you can’t wait there is a wealth of videos telling you how on YouTube. You can even flick down to “Online” to see my favourite journaling channel of the month.

Dance Moms- Really crap American TV that somehow hits the spot some nights, when I don’t want to concentrate but need something mildly entertaining to watch. Slightly ashamed to admit I like it- but I do.img_20160912_192352.jpg

Ikea Lamps & Fairy Lights– This is one of my contributions to the décor of our third year house. These lamps are from Ikea, I filled them with fairy lights, and put them in the fire place. Boom. I’m an interior designer. I also have one of these in my room, and it acts as a great reading light.

Zumba- There’s a weekly class really near where I live, and I have discovered that I actually quite like dancing (if that’s what you can call me flailing around) because of it.



Garnier Micellar Water- Until recently I wad using the Good Things facial toner morning and night, and had been for around 2 years. Before that I’d also used it on and off for around another year. No wonder my skin got bored. This was on offer in Asda, I’d heard great things about it and trust the brand- and it was the best decision I’ve made for my skin care regime, in a long time.

Tea Tree Oil- Using the above though is not to say that I don’t get spots still. And this is where Tea Tree Oil comes in. It’s strong stuff, but will dry most spots out in a matter of 3-4 days. And that’s for a monster zit. Pimples, it takes out in about 2 days. It’s much cheaper than the high end spot creams on the market, works just as well/better, and last longer. Perfect for a student budget.

Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel- Another “on offer” purchase from Asda, I used to love Original Source Shower Gel- but at £2.20 a pop, it was often cheaper for me to just buy regular soap. However, this is one of my favourite shower gels as it reminds me of lemon curd, and its a refreshing option for after the gym.


Boho Berry- If you follow me on IG (if you don’t click the link on the right) then you may have seen that I have been into Bullet Journaling for nearly a year now. Though my bullet journal isn’t as beautiful as Kara’s (aka. Boho Berry), this channel is my inspiration for my own bullet journaling. Her videos are clear, wonderfully edited, and her voice is incredibly easy to listen to. If you’re considering bullet journaling, then I advise you to start here.



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