Quotespirational Monday 26/09/16- In which we talk risk-taking and chatting to Darren who works in Pret.

‘In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take’

Recently, a few things have popped up, oddly similar to each other, which have made me consider the above quote. You’re (hopefully) about to read them…

Thing number 1: My First Piece of Freelance Work

I’ve recently (if you follow me on IG you may know) begun working with a brand called Discover Chocolate to improve their Instagram feed, and write them some blog posts and recipes. As I’m looking at going into creative marketing following my graduation, this is a massively exciting opportunity for me, as it’s the first- well, I guess its the first “freelance” work I’ve ever done (in case you’re wondering, no I won’t be promoting brands on my own blog or IG feed- don’t you worry about that). I’m designing them 12 recipes, one every two weeks, and this will take me up to February. This prospect is more than a little bit daunting. And I sat and thought long and hard before I answered the email asking if I was open to doing this. What if my recipes weren’t good enough? What if I didn’t get them in on time? What if, in short, I fucked up so massively that it destroyed my creative marketing career before I even really got started and landed myself working in KFC for the rest of my life telling the guy who chases the rats away from the bins how I could’ve made it big time in the marketing world? *deep breaths* And then I thought: if I don’t do this, then I will simply never know. And despite a life spent working in KFC being an awful prospect (for me personally- whatever floats your boat), this not knowing ultimately seemed so much worse. And so, I replied very calmly saying “yes I would love to design some recipes”. And so far, its going well (In an act of shameless plugging I’ll include a link to my first recipe at the bottom of the page, because I think you’ll all like what I have planned).

Thing number 2: LinkedIn-timidation

I joined LinkedIn. This is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a good few weeks now, but never had the courage to do. Because, stupid as it sounds, there was a risk of my looking like a right idiot. I don’t have anywhere near as much experience as all of the CEO’s, entrepreneurs, Newcastle Alumni, and big-shots up there. Once I joined I did some digging though, and now we come to my point: a lot of the people on there, I realised, must have had to take some humongous risks in order to end up with me sat looking at their profiles in awe. Think on that.

Thing number 3: Careers Service Pep -Talks

I went to the careers advice centre to talk about business start-up with an advisor (it’s an option for the future). I believe his name was Matt. And Matt gave me some pretty great advice: It’s better to start up when you’re young, because, thinking about it, you have much less to lose. Which is, in actual fact, very true. It’s stuck with me. As I get older, I’ll only have more people to disappoint, and more to lose (to put it bluntly). So thank you Matt, for that risk-taking-is-worth-making pep-talk.

Thing number 4 (and the final thing): Chatting to Darren Who Works in Pret.

My conversation with Darren in Pret a Manger. Darren wants to set up his own business. A café, here in Newcastle. Darren sounded incredibly passionate about this plan. He’d even looked at a building up for sale, unfortunately right next to the most popular tearoom in the city: Quilliam Brothers. Which, wisely, put him off buying that particular place for the time being. The idea of how much was at stake in setting up your own business was a worry. I get that. But I heard myself also asking him if he really wanted to wonder if he could’ve made it- for the rest of his life. And then I realised that though I can say that to someone else, I am still pretty shit at taking risks myself, and that needs to change.


Taking measured risks is an important part of life. I say “measured”, as obviously I’m not going to tell you to set up 7 businesses all at once, taking out 7 massive loans to do so. But all the same, risks in decent amounts are good for us. Even tiny risks: asking someone out, going to a new dance class alone, ordering a different meal at your favourite restaurant. Whatever your risk-style is, embrace it this week. Don’t worry: I’ll be bricking it along with you.



For my first recipe with Discover Chocolate (it’s sugar-free, healthy rocky road clusters!): http://discoverchocolatebars.com/blog/recipe-for-discover-rocky-road-clusters/





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