Quotespirational Monday 12/09/16-What to do when you make a massive mistake

Shake it off

Every week I hope something comes along to inspire my next week’s Quotespirational- either from an event in the week that has just finished, or from Pinterest. This week I had nothing to write of really. This week just gone I had nearly reached the end of the week without anything going horribly wrong- and then Sunday came along.

Yesterday I moved into my beautiful third year house. We (the parents and I) had gotten up at 5am to get into Newcastle before the roads were closed for the Great North Run (my brother nabbed my move in date on Saturday, and this was the only day I could get a lift with all my stuff). I actually woke up before my alarm, amazing seen as I hadn’t gotten to bed until 11:30pm the night before. We didn’t get stuck in traffic. We managed to park. We unpacked in record-breaking time. We got a table easily for brunch. Fast forward to 3pm, and having done the food shop, been into the city, and said goodbye to my parents, I finally sat down in my house, made a cuppa, managed to actually get to meditate– and then checked my messages. And I had a message from my landlord and my flatmate. And my superhero feeling just evaporated completely.

I had made a massive cock-up with dates. Combined with traffic from the run preventing another flatmate moving in, and so her date changing, the changes to my own move in dates, and life generally deciding to give me the V-sign, I had given my landlord the wrong date for my other flatmate moving in (because I’ve been acting lead tenant all summer while my third flatmate is on holiday). And he had waited outside the house for 1 hour for my flatmate to arrive. And then sent us a very unhappy email.

Needless to say, I apologised profusely, to landlord and flatmates- then sat down grumbling to myself and cursing the phrase “be careful what you wish for”. I had been doing so well with all the housing organisation. I had acted lead tenant (I did it last year, so I know what I’m doing), I had bought, set up, and activated the broadband. I had forwarded our providers letters and details to my flatmate dealing with electricity and gas, having sorted out the bill N-Power were going to charge us from the previous tenants who hadn’t paid it. I had gone over the inventory with the landlord, videoed everyone’s rooms so we all knew what space we had, relaied every message…I nearly had it perfect.

If, like me, you have a massive slight issue with wanting to just get things perfectly en pointe, then take this advice: you can’t change what has gone wrong. You can apologise, learn from it, and move on. Think of it as learning to handle a PR disaster. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up over it. This is the particular thing I have an issue with. But this week, if you’re the same, take the same challenge as me and try not to. And you know what? This morning, what seemed a big deal the night before,  was really no problem at all, though in the moment it seemed like a massive issue. I think the word “perspective” comes to mind…


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