Deliciously Ella Energy Balls: Review

1473424362798.jpgHere at home we have one proper Waitrose near by, this meaning 30 minutes drive away in good traffic. Whenever I go here I like to try and get hold of a few “luxury” food items. The stuff I can’t get every day, and try to make last as long as humanly possible. One of these items is Booja-Booja, to give you an idea of the price range we’re talking. I usually leave here with a receipt that looks like I’ve just paid for small animal surgery. Trust a place like this to stock Deliciously Ella Energy Balls.

I first spotted them due to the fact they appeared to be 75p. Ha ha. No, it was a mislabelling and they were actually £1.79. Well plaid Waitrose, because by that point I had already seen them, and even after the price check (and a massive internal struggle) I had to fork out nearly £6 to try them- and then review them for you guys.

I picked up all of the three flavours Waitrose offer, which I believe is the entire range, and below I’ve got a little paragraph on each of them. So far, these balls are only stocked in the UK, and you can only buy them at Waitrose, or via Ocado.  Happy reading…


Almond & Cacao

(almonds, almond butter, dates, coconut oil, cacao powder and a pinch of salt)

This ball had the cake-iest texture, reminding me of a raw chocolate brownie. It was filling, and I loved that the ingredients were so pared down- enough so that each could be listed in fairly large font on the back of the wrapper (a la Nakd bars). However, I couldn’t particularly taste the almond, which was slightly disappointing.


Ginger & Cashew

(cashews, ginger, dates and oats)

This is the only flavour I have since repurchased. It was softer in texture than the above, almost like a ginger biscuit dough. As I spent a lot of my childhood eating raw gingerbread dough, I was a massive fan of this one. However, I know from experience that I can make something very similar at home, so don’t be sucked in to paying so much if you have the time to whip some up too. The taste of ginger is strong and spicy, which I loved, but just to warn you if you aren’t used to too much of this lush spice.


Hazelnut & Raisin

(hazelnuts, raisins, dates, cinnamon, cardamom and cacao)

This was the firmest and fudgiest in texture, with small chunks of hazelnut evenly spread throughout. Overall, the taste was of raisin first and foremost, with a little bit of a hazelnut aftertaste; again, the nut flavour could have been stronger. It did have an undertone I couldn’t quite place, but that reminded me of Christmas in a way. Turned out that this was cardamom, which was subtle but really lifted the product.


Each of the balls are roughly 150-180kcal, and each is made from between 4 and 6 all natural ingredients (no preservatives, stabilisers, additives etc). Each is 40g, and even the packaging is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


As a general overview: I liked them, but I wasn’t bowled over. I’ve been to Mae Deli once, and it was a magical experience, but don’t take these as the best the deli can offer (though the packaging says they’re the no.1 best selling product, I feel this is probably because they cater to grab-and-go eating). There were gorgeous cakes and brunches and amazing drinks at the deli, which I hope Ella one day figures out a method of packaging to sell in supermarkets.

There was nothing wrong with these, but they are a little pricey to buy regularly when I don’t absolutely love them; I feel as if I’m paying for a designer food tag more than anything else. Plus the fact, I had just two days before been to Manchester and bought an amazing energy ball- tasting better than these- from an independent café. At a lower price. When in Newcastle we also have Naked Deli, who make amazing raw brownies, balls, and cheesecakes- so these balls did have stiff competition.  I can also make energy balls at home, so I don’t feel I have any excuses for paying £1.79. Having said that, if I was on the go and needed a quick snack, I would most definitely pick up the ginger and cashew ball again, as the one that did really stand out to me.

Have you tried these? If you have leave a comment below letting me know what you thought…


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