My Move to WordPress from Blogger: the good and the bad…

Many of you will know that I was on Blogger for a really, really long time- nearly two years I believe (first as ‘Healthy not Hungry’, then as ‘Ecstatically Em’). But now, I’m on WordPress, and I’ve been asked by some people why the sudden change?

Well, first things first, I have been considering the switch for a good year now- but never had the time. I’ve found that WordPress is a little more professional, and it’s looked upon by anyone from a company or prospective work placement as being so. Now I’m on WordPress (even though I’ve lost my hard earned page views), I feel like my blog is finally a “real” blog! Though Blogger is great for the basics, and was my preference as a beginner, I’ve gradually come around to the idea of WordPress being a smidge better. When I first started blogging I took a good look at both platforms, and found WordPress was  harder to use. However, this seems to have changed, and now WordPress has many features that have allowed it, in my opinion, to finally get one up on Blogger. Let’s take a look…

Cleaner Layout

I find that WordPress themes look sharper, and better laid out to a new reader. With a cleaner layout that already has the right page widths etc.,  this has meant a lot less work for me. Because I’m quite picking with my presentation.

Sharper Pictures & Faster Upload Time

When I uploaded images to Blogger they always seemed to appear slightly…blurry? I use images I’ve already edited on IG, and I’m very specific about the brightness and quality of the photo when it goes up on there. Whenever I uploaded  of these pictures to Blogger though, they would be dulled. On WordPress (so far) they’re coming out very similar to those I uploaded to IG.

No Coding Alterations

On Blogger I had to find HTML codes, and then spend ages locating the right place to paste them into the code of the blog, in order to achieve the layout and features that I wanted. With WordPress I haven’t had to do this.

The blog title is already centred

This was one of the things I had to alter the blog’s code on Blogger to achieve. Here, a perfectly centred title was already installed into the template of the theme I selected. Which brings me to…

A Better Choice of Themes

There is a much wider choice of themes here on WordPress, which could be a bit overwhelming to a new user, but that is wonderful if you’re used to blogging and know what you want.

I can always upgrade

On Blogger there wasn’t an option to upgrade the package I was on (the free one). Here, although the next package up isn’t free, I do have the option to upgrade to this if I wish to at any point.

Drafts are stored neatly on the right

On Blogger, on the main dashboard screen, my published posts and my drafts were all stored mixed up together, and although I could separate them manually, it wasn’t as sleek as it could be. On this platform my published posts are stored in the main body on the dashboard, and my drafts are stored on the right hand side.

“Continue editing” option at the top of the screen

Speaking of drafts, if I’ve recently been editing a post it will show up on the top right hand side of my dashboard, for me to easily return to.


I know that you can follow new blogs on Blogger but on WordPress the reader is a little more at the forefront. It actually gives me relevant recommendations too, so I can find some great blogs to read and connect with.

I find it easier to add and rearrange widgets

This, again, just comes down to a sleeker blog design and better layout. I’ve had great fun adding new widgets to my page during the move over here.

Easier to access stats, and the layout is more visual

My statistics for the blog are broken down into multiple different bits. I can see individual post stats, daily/weekly/monthly/yearly stats, which countries most of my views come from- none of this is very new. But! I find that its much better laid out on this platform, and more visually appealing, as it appears as a column graph.

People can follow me here on WordPress, so my followers has gone up!

WordPress seems to have more of a body of bloggers who are incredibly social- suddenly I’ve actually received some likes on my posts, more comments, and found some wonderful blogs based over here.


However, I won’t tell you that my move over here has been perfect, and so here are my three niggles with WordPress so far…

I couldn’t keep my page view stats

and I’d reached nearly 41,000, so I was considerably upset.

I can’t make just a few words bigger than the rest in a paragraph

which is mildly irritating.

On the free template I can’t redirect people from individual posts on my Blogger site

as I can’t access the HTML code that I need to paste a snippet of code into to do this- though you can on



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