Quotespirational Monday 05/09/16- In which we talk about believing you are the sh*t

Believe in yourself a little bit more

Today we’re talking self-belief. And its a very important topic. It shapes how you view yourself, your attitude, and ultimately your attitude to other people and the world at large.

There are a whole load of things in my life I didn’t believe I could/ would ever do. And, more often than not, I’ve somehow managed to do them. Let’s take a look…

  • Passing my GCSE maths, let alone getting my target of an A
  • Getting into Newcastle University, on to my dream degree of English Literature WITH Creative Writing (an awesome degree where I get to write a creative portfolio for my final year. The aim being that it is of publishable standard. You can read all about my degree here: https://ecstaticallyem.wordpress.com/2016/03/18/english-literature-creative-writing-my-degree-choice/ )
  • Setting up my own IG account (who on earth would want to look at my pictures?)
  • Setting up my own blog (who on earth would want to read the weird stuff that goes on in my mind and doesn’t always come out right on paper?)
  • Handling some HTML coding to make my blog look right
  • Landing work experience that was anything above working in a hairdressers (I’ve worked at BBC Good Food Magazine and Co Co PR in the past two years, as well as speaking to some amazing people from some amazing brands through my blog)
  • Being free of binge eating
  • Gradually putting on muscle and weight in general, to make myself truely healthier
  • Completing a course of CBT that would finally set me off on the route to recovery from dermatillomania (its an impulse-control / body dysmorphic disorder – which has no where near enough awareness. Google it)

Guess what? I managed to do each and every one of the above. And accomplishing each of those things began with the decision to sit myself down (metaphorically) and tell myself that I could fucking do this. The hardest? Probably the last three. Because they all involved an internal battle with myself every single day- and some days still do. But I know I am capable of winning any internal argument I have, because I am so damn stubborn.

There are still things I don’t fully believe I can do sometimes. I want a 1.0 at the end of my degree. This is something that is possible, but in order to achieve it I know I need to believe I can, and really work as hard as humanly possible. It might mean passing up on some things in order to put extra hours (on top of recommended extra hours) in.  I’m currently wanting to expand my blog and perhaps begin a YouTube channel. I want to enjoy my final year of uni, and master that work/life/social balance. And, probably the biggest, I want to find a job when I leave uni- I want to set myself off on a path to a massively fulfilling career. I’m even considering self employment, something I would never have considered just a year ago. But somewhere in me, I know I can do it.

Self-belief doesn’t mean never doubting yourself; it means telling yourself that despite that doubt you can do it.

Whatever you are doubting that you can do- because I know you’re currently doubting that you can do something- try and find that little bit of you that says you can. Because once you find it and listen to it, it will never shut up, and you shouldn’t allow it to. Unless it’s telling you that you can fly without safety equipment or something. Other than that: always believe in yourself.


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