Discover “Mini Gianduiotto”- Review

If you’ve followed me since before I moved over to WordPress, then you may remember my review of three awesome chocolate bars I picked up at a farm shop down south (read it right here if you haven’t already: ) . Well, following that review, Discover offered me a bag of their Mini Gianduiotto (jan-dwee-ott-o) to review for you all. What are Gianduiotto? Well, you wouldn’t be the first not to know (I didn’t), but you can find out below…

Gianduiotto are a speciality chocolate from Turin (in the Piedmont region of Italy). They have a shape similar to a little upturned boat, and are usually made from a mixture of sugar, cocoa, and hazelnut paste. I can see Italians wanting to roast me in a pizza oven for this, but think solid Nutella. Solid Nutella blessed by the movie star of your choice, dusted with glitter from the realms of unicorns, and then dipped in chocolate melted in the holy grail (ooh-er). Nutella has dreams about being these chocolates. They have a super smooth texture, melt in the mouth, and it’s hard to find the genuine product in the UK. Until Discover stepped in.

Discover’s Gianduiotto have one difference from the original: no sugar. Yep, they are sugar free. Which makes them a great healthy alternative. They still have the super smooth texture, the upturned boat shape- and they are still dangerously easy to eat- but they have the advantage of being better for you. The high quality hazelnuts used provide good fats, protein, dietary fibre, and antioxidants (according to Discover’s website). Minimal ingredients are used in the chocolates, and so these hazelnuts really come through. In place of the sugar, the Gianduiotto contain stevia and maltitol – which makes them suitable for diabetics. I have tasted diabetic chocolate before. If you’re diabetic then you definitely won’t have that problem with these. You’ll probably wonder where they’ve been all your life.

Though you’ll definitely want to sample these as they are to begin with, I’ve also had fun incorporating them into recipes. The melting texture of the chocolate at room temperature means that they work beautifully in a chickpea cookie dough I have coming to the blog soon. If you do get your hands on them, be sure to get inventive.

We’ve covered ingredients, taste, and texture- finally we’re going to cover price. Although I was sent these for free, I have checked the price: per bag (200g) they cost £4.49. The price is completely inline with the quality of the product, which is amazing, but unless I was buying these for a (very) special friend, or an occasion like a wedding  I just couldn’t justify spending so much on chocolate. I would recommend them as a cheaper alternative to paying for a holiday in order to sample them in Italy- and to be quite honest, I think Discover’s Gianduiotto could provide stiff competition for the chocolate makers of Turin.








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