5 Products I Seriously Regret Buying

It’s not often I buy things that I end up disliking; when you’re a student and working to a serious budget, it becomes second nature to consider purchases more carefully. I’ll often wait for at least a couple of days- sometimes around a week, sometimes nearly a month- before I buy something I think I want, depending on how much it is.

Having said that, I have bought a handful of products that I either didn’t think enough about before purchasing, or that didn’t live up to expectations- and because I write so many “favourites” posts, I figured it was about time to talk a bit about those I regret buying. Just because these brands made a product I hate, doesn’t mean they’re bad brands- I would just like to point that out now. I actually love most of the brands below, but these products just weren’t up to par…

Soap & Glory Detox Cleanser
I bought this because a friend I have with amazing skin uses it. I also love some of the same brand’s body moisturisers, and the Dr Spot Cream. I did some research first, it seemed like a good buy- and so I bought it. This broke my skin out like nothing I have seen before.  I know that a new product effectively “purges” the skin of built up gunk, and that this was a “detox” product to begin with, but after nearly three weeks of using it and seeing no improvement, only my skin getting worse in places it hadn’t had an issue with breakouts before? This went into the dustbin.
Palmers Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioner
At one point in recent memory, my curly hair was completely parched. Dry to the point of not really curling anymore. So this was one of the two impulse buys in this post. It smelt a little bit like Aero, having both cocoa butter and mint in it. However, it felt like I had plastic coating my hair when I washed it off, and it just left me with limp and waves- which still had split ends.
Braun Epilator
This miniature torture device did remove my hair, but it was so hard to use under the arms without feeling as if I was going to rip my skin off, that it just wasn’t worth it. I also found it removed hair patchily, or sometimes broke the hair instead of pulling it out. When the hair was pulled out at the root, I ended up with massive ingrown hairs as it re-grew.
Salted Caramel LUSH soap
I thought that this was the best smelling soap I had ever come across in LUSH when I first found it. When I bought it I put it in a draw until I decided to use it- and within two days my whole room stank of it. And the smell was a bit overpowering. Sickly sweet. When I started using it, that smell lingered all day in a little cloud of salted caramel around me. And it was still too sweet- especially when I was in the gym, sweating salted caramel.
The Coconut Collaborative Snowconut Ice Cream Alternative
Way, way, way too sweet. And the texture left a lot to be desired. It melted as soon as it hit the bowl. There are much better ice cream alternatives out there, but as I couldn’t get hold of any of the brands I know I love, and wanted something, I bought this on impulse. And then let my family finish it while I wallowed in a pool of melted ice cream regrets.


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