‘Discover’ Chocolate Review…

On the way back from Bath back in July, my parents said that they had something to show me. Queue nervous sweating. Thankfully, it was a farm shop in Gloucestershire. A farm shop that stocked some pretty amazing chocolate. And since my mum knows that I’m addicted to chocolate, a bit of a health nut, and also pretty skint- she actually offered to buy me some. And so I ended up with three single serving bars of what is possibly some of the most amazing chocolate I have ever tasted.

First Impressions…

I am a die-hard Lindtt extra dark fan. The three flavours I got my hands on are all dark, and although not as dark as I would usually go, the unique flavour combinations make up for that- as does the fact that it is sweetened with stevia instead of sugar. Bonus!

Anywho, the flavours I’m letting you know about today are:

  • Coffee & Cardamom
  • Fig & Cashew
  • Cacao Nibs in Dark Chocolate

There were other flavours I loved the sound of (think Lavender & Rose Petal), but none of them were in dark chocolate, only milk and white. It being more likely I would enjoy the dark variations, I just bought those. However, having tried and fallen for the dark chocolate, I would be willing to lower my cocoa content to milk- just to try the flavour combinations that Discover have come up with. Maybe even down to white chocolate. My top picks for the next time I can get my hands on these bars are Himalayan Pink Salt, Rose Petal & Lavender, Salted Popcorn & Peanut, and Blueberry & Vanilla.

But for now, to the review…

Fig & Cashew

So this bar is 72.3% cocoa solids, making it just above the minimum cocoa content I look for (70%). It does taste like dark chocolate, but it is the creamiest, smoothest, and one of the richest dark chocolates I have tasted.

The bar is 50g, and this is recommended as one serving size. The bar is divided into squares you can break along though, in case you want to save half for later (yeah, right). One bar is 236kcal, and although it does provide about 25% of the RDA for fat, and 54% of the saturated fat RDA, as I don’t usually eat much saturated fat I am fine with this. It is worth it. The sugar content is only 1.25g per 50g serving. In an identical sized serving of Lindtt you have around 15g. The Stevia does give a sweeter taste than its sugar counterpart, but not unpleasantly so.

The most important thing: does it taste like fig and cashew? In a word: yes. The bar of chocolate is marked so that you can break it into squares on one side, and on the other it’s studded with chunks of cashew nut, and pieces of soft and sweet dried fig. This was the best flavour, and the different textures of chewy, soft fig, crunchy cashews, and creamy chocolate really complement each other.

Coffee & Cardamom

The sugar, fat, and kcal content are all the same as the above, so I don’t really need to go into this again.

I was expecting this to taste strongly of coffee with this bar, with a kind of warm, spicy undertone. Although it was delicious, I didn’t get either of these flavours. Coffee usually just enhances the flavour of dark chocolate, which it did, but I wanted something more that I didn’t get.

This chocolate had cardamom seeds scattered over one side, and individually these tasted sweet and slightly nutty. There wasn’t anywhere near as much variation in texture with this bar though, and the flavours just served to enhance the taste of the chocolate itself.

A great chocolate bar, especially as it is sugar-free but doesn’t taste it- which is a tall order. If you’re wanting the interesting flavours to pop though, then go for the Fig & Cashew.

Cacao Nibs in Dark Chocolate

Again, surprisingly creamy chocolate for a dark chocolate bar. This was your straight up dark chocolate with some crunchy texture and bitterness added in the cacao nibs. These nibs give you some bursts of bitterness that cut through the creamy richness, which is lovely. The nutritional values were, again, much of a muchness.

Although amazing when I was eating this, I have to say that when I’d finished I felt a little sick, because it was so rich. Be warned, although the label says one bar= 1 serving, I think perhaps half of a bar is a serving, as the chocolate is pretty thick, and without the other flavours to lift it is so decadent. So this was no fault, I think, with the chocolate. More so with my eyes being bigger than my stomach.

The Verdict…

To summarise, this chocolate is…

  • Available in imaginative and unique flavours
  • A good healthier alternative to occasionally mix things up with, as it’s sweetened with stevia in place of sugar
  • Creamier than typical dark chocolate, which I’m not much of a fan of: I like bittersweet…
  • But the inventive flavours do balance this out.
  • Wrongly labelled when it comes to portion size (in my opinion): half a bar could easily be a portion, though when you’re eating it it’s definitely moreish.
  • Something I would buy as an occasional treat, rather than my typical dark chocolate, as it does work out more expensive
If you’re looking for a sugar-free dark chocolate bar, then this is one of my picks, especially if you want some more interesting flavours alongside this. At £1.95 a bar, and each bar being 50g, this is more of a luxury buy for me. The Discover website says that “Discover was launched with two goals, we needed to remove sugar from the ingredients and bring a range of flavours to the chocolate market which had not been done before”. Well, I would say that Discover has neatly achieved both of these goals with their sophisticated little chocolate bars.

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