July 2016 Favourites

I have a lot of favourites from the month of July, so grab a cuppa and get comfy before you start reading! If you’ve tried any of these things, or have an recommendations for me, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below…


Primark Lightweight Khaki Jacket-
I bought this in Bath, because the weather had been awful, and I had broken my umbrella. Needless to say, the minute I bought it, the sun came out for the rest of the two weeks I was there. But this is still my current favourite jacket, as it’s light enough to be cool on a warm day, but has a pretty decent hood.
Bath Skyline Walk
I did this walk on my last day in Bath, and if you’re ever able to complete this National Trust Walk , then go for it. It takes you through woods, over hills, and through orchards- and you get to see the city of Bath looking beautiful from numerous different angles.
Oxford Street
I hopped on a bus during the press drop day on my work experience, and so got to see this street briefly. I have never been to Oxford Street before, and have only been to London once in all my twenty years previous to this (I still haven’t managed to do all the touristy stuff), so Oxford Street had to feature here.
Mr B’s Book Emporium
A fantastic, quirky little book shop in Bath- check it out if you can.
‘Life is a Mixture of Coffee and Magic’ Mug

I’ve been eyeing this up in Morrisons for the past month, and finally bought it.


Beyond the Kale Banana & Date Bread (Bath)
They’ll offer to toast it, and top it with peanut butter. Say yes.
Discover Chocolate, Fig & Cashew flavour
I picked this up from a farm shop in Gloucester on the way back from Bath: it’s a sugar free bar of chocolate. I picked up the dark chocolate flavours: Coffee & Cardamom; Fig & Cashew; Cacao Studded Dark. All of them were good, though a bit pricey for me to purchase again any time soon. The Fig & Cashew was the best though, as the plain dark is pretty standard, and the coffee one could have used more coffee.
Zoats have more volume than regular porridge, and provide on of your 5 a Day, as you add in grated courgette. Don’t let the addiction of a vegetable put you off though. I find courgette adds little flavour wise, but gives really thick, voluminous oats. Perfect post gym, when you want to feel as if you’re having a feast.
Summer Rolls
I saw someone eating these on YouTube, and decided to try and recreate them (they were from a restaurant)- with brilliant results. I have a recipe coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I served mine with a spicy soy sauce & peanut dip, and loved every bite…


Iced coffee (Café Nero)
Best chain Iced Coffee goes to Café Nero. As the only one that makes it a) strong enough, and b) without automatically adding sugar syrup (Costa, I’m looking at you), it deserved a mention.
Vivid Tea
An alternative to iced coffee for the summer: naturally flavoured iced tea. Give the grape & elderflower a try. I really want to get my hands on the pear & rhubarb flavour, as this sounds phenominal. I’ve tried matcha tea before, but the acrid bitter taste put me off. If you’ve had the same experience, but are still open to trying matcha tea, then grab a mini carton of this.
Hound of the Baskervilles
The first Sherlock Holmes book I’ve ever read, and I was surprised by how much a enjoyed it- though I have to say, Holmes himself hasn’t really grown on me yet. Perhaps I’ll have to read some more of his adventures before I form my opinion on the detective.
Game of Thrones: A Clash of Kings
Even though my uni reading is preventing me finishing the second book quite as quickly as I would like, this is still one of my favourite books of the moment. Easy to read, and with more humour than you would expect.
The Moonstone
This was uni reading, and I’m currently working on a full review. It’s the original detective novel, following the theft of a cursed Indian diamond, and takes so many wonderful twists and turns- you wont want to put it down.
Brave New World

I already have a review for this novel, so check it out right here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/brave-new-world-book-review.html


Garnier Ultimate Blends Delicate Oat Moisturiser
I have incredibly oily skin on my face, and incredibly dry skin on my legs and arms. This is the only moisturiser I have found that keeps the skin on my body soft and hydrated. I am looking for a good alternative though, as when it isn’t on offer this is too expensive to be buying all of the time.
Aveeno Handcream
I feel as if I’ve mentioned this before, but a friend bought me this as a birthday present, and I’ve just about finished it. I put it on every evening before bed, and my hands have never been in better shape.
Collection Concealer (in ‘Fair’)
In summer I tend to get a lot more spots- mainly due to the fluctuations in temperature and humidity. This is the only concealer I ever use, and have ever used  for the past two or three years. It covers everything, and is much cheaper than the high-end stuff, at £4.19 a pop.
Boho Beautiful –
YouTube channel of the month. This has given me some fresh yoga videos to try out, and I cant wait to attempt the meditation videos as well.
You may remember my obsession with podcasts a little while back. Well, it has re-emerged. My top picks are the Maddy Moon podcasts, or the In Our Time ones from the BBC.

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