Quotespirational Monday 25/07/16- Where I learn not getting what I want can be a good thing…

‘Everything happens for a reason’
You’ve probably heard this quote before- and been reasonably annoyed by it. I know that it annoys me, but I also know that it is usually completely on the money. So, today I’m going to be telling you a bit of a short anecdote about this quote…
This Saturday just gone I was meant to be moving my stuff from my second year uni flat, to my third year uni house. I thought we had everything all set for me to move my stuff ready for September- but I rang the estate agents just in case. Turns out I couldn’t pick up the keys- because two of my flatmates hadn’t sent guarantor ID , and one hadn’t paid the first rent to the estate agents. I still have plenty of time to shift my stuff before my last tenancy ends, and so it didn’t really matter, but needless to say I was a little hacked off at first. We ended up not moving my stuff on the Saturday; the rent that needed to be paid wouldn’t have cleared in time for us to get access to the keys. Thinking along the lines of everything happening for a reason, I kind of accepted there must be a reason behind this. And there was. Because on Friday evening my brother damaged his wrist playing football, and by Saturday morning we had to take him to an out of hours surgery to get a splint put on it. If we’d decided to go to Newcastle, we couldn’t have gone anyway, because my brother can’t do everything one handed. Ergo,Β it happened for a reason, and saved us a lot of unnecessary stressing, because we’d already accepted that we would have to rearrange the trip.
Sometimes it can be very hard to see what the reason for something happening is. And I know that personally, that tends to piss me off. You might not have that ‘ah-ha’ moment of why it happened until years after the event. But trust me, it will have happened for a reason. So, this week just try to roll with it, and accept that if something isn’t going according to plan- well, there’s probably a reason for it.

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