Quotespirational Monday 18/07/16- In which I rediscover my creative mojo (hopefully)

‘If it fails, admit it frankly and try another.
But above all try something.’
Franklin D. Roosevelt
This summer I am beginning to compile my third year creative writing portfolio. Well, I am meant to be doing this. I’ve written a few blog posts now on both my degree and the creative process, but sometimes I can be very bad at following my own advice. And this is one such moment.
We had to submit our portfolio proposals back in June. I did this, and then got busy with work experience and life in general and job hunting- and I decided to take a break from creative writing. Now, even when I “take a break” from creative writing, I am still jotting down any ideas that are too good to miss. I am still journaling, reading loads, and blogging- to keep my writing skills from blunting too much. But its now been nearly a month since I began said break, and I’m about to begin writing creatively again.
But I can’t think of one single piece that matches the proposal I put forward.
And the pressure is on, because I did quite well in my last submission.
And all of this, for the past week, has stressed me out because a) I can’t think of anything to write, and,ย simultaneously,ย b) I want to write. Any one else who writes creatively will completely understand what I’m talking about right now. So, for the past week this has been my massive issue- and then, yesterday afternoon, I had a little brainwave.

If the idea I have for my portfolio isn’t inspiring me, then I don’t have to write about it. I can write anything– but I just have to write something. My portfolio is flexible. If I am inspired to write something that doesn’t fit, then why the hell shouldn’t I? If I end up with lots of pieces of work, all fitting together, but not matching my proposal, thenย I can change my proposal; it’s a good thing I’ve realised that perhaps this idea may not work now, instead of half way into third year.

Which is why we have the above quote this week. If you are trying something that isn’t working/ have tried something that isn’t working- it doesn’t matter that it hasn’t worked. All that matters is that you try something else.


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