Foodie Finds in Bath…

You probably all know by now that I love food. And so a trip to a new city- even if it was for work experience- wouldn’t be complete without a post on some of the most fantastic food I found.

Now, most of these places I can vouch for making delicious brunches, cakes, or cuppas- I didn’t really end up eating many main meals out when I was in Bath, as it was cheaper to cook my own. However, I did go out for brunch once or twice, and I did treat myself to some snacks whilst finding free things to do in Bath (you can check out some free things to get up to here: ). So, here are my top foodie finds in Bath…

    Wild Café- Best Veggie Brunch. This has the best vegetarian brunch combination going. Mashed avocado on sourdough with lemon, buttery mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and two perfectly poached eggs. The staff are friendly, the service is fast, and the café itself is quirky and cosy (it is small, so beware of not getting a seat when busy). If I had managed to go twice, I would have opted for either the pancakes (the thickest, fluffiest things I have ever seen, drenched in maple syrup), or the avocado on toast with lemon (because you just can’t beat that sometimes).

      Darling’s Deli- Best Salad Bar. This deli is just outside of Bath, about 10 minutes in the car- probably less. But because its up a steep hill you’re looking at a 30-40 minute walk. Or a 10 minute bus ride. Anyway, the deli prepares multiple different salads each day, and you can choose three to create your own salad bowl. My picks? The beetroot and orange, the tuna and bean, and the butternut squash, pinenut, sultana and herbs with cinnamon. The deli itself, like Wild Café, is fairly small- so getting a seat when its busy can be difficult. I also found that the staff weren’t as friendly as they could have been. Their salad bowls and cappuccinos did win me over though.

        Society Café- Amazing Cappuccino. Speaking of cappuccinos…Society Café is located just down from the Waitrose in the city centre, next to Nero’s and Starbucks. At least once, you need to turn down your usual cuppa from these chains and go to Society Café. Their cappuccinos are the perfect strength, and their coffee is incredibly smooth. They also sell cakes, loose leaf teas, and chilled drinks. Friendly staff, quick service,  located perfectly for people watching- and they seemed to have regulars, which is always a good sign.
          Beyond The Kale- Best Banana Bread & Vegan/Sugar Free Cakes. Head over to Green Park Station for this. I walked in, saw date and banana bread, and had to get some. The girl on the counter then asked if I wanted it toasted- and then if I wanted peanut butter on top. You can imagine my face. This was possibly (other than my own, because homemade is always good) the best banana bread I have ever had. The cakes counter also had peanut butter cups, bounty bites, chocolate fudge cake, and some healthy snickers I think. Beyond the Kale is best known for their juices- but I did think that these were overpriced, and so didn’t end up buying one. I would say that they need to be more well known for their cakes and brunches, which looked fantastic and had a cheaper price tag.
            Bill’s- Best Scrambled Eggs. I know that this is a chain, but I had to mention it. I went here with my parents the morning I returned home from Bath, and although Bill’s was super busy and we had to wait a while for the food, the staff were extremely welcoming, polite, and kept checking on us and offering more drinks during the wait. When the food came my waiting was forgotten, because their scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast was amazing. My dad ordered pancakes instead of this, and they too were apparently great: fluffy and light with fruit and bacon.
            There you have it, five places to check out in Bath Spa. There are plenty of amazing eateries I wish I could have tried, and fun little food and drinks stalls up and down the main street occasionally. If you get chance, check these five out and let me know what you thought- or leave your own recommendations below…

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