Quotespirational Monday- In which we talk about the dream life…

‘Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like, and celebrating it for everything that it is’
– Mandy Hale

Somehow, from a young age, you start to form an image of how your life should be- and usually it is somewhat removed from what you actually have.

Some people are brought up thinking that your life is supposed to feature a law/chemistry/medical degree (maybe something your parents want you to have), or a family and big house, or a high-powered job. Perhaps you think that you are supposed to be put-together 24/7. That you should be the type of person who leaps up at 5:30am, chugs a green smoothie, and heads to the gym. That it should be full of parties and turbulent relationships- in my case, any relationship- just because you’re a student.

My point is this: throughout over lives we all end up pulling together multiple little threads, ideas of how our lives should look. They might be ones you have formed for yourself, they might be ones others have metaphorically handed to you. And so we have two ways our concept of how life is supposed to be appears:

  1. Pressure put on you by yourself
  2. Pressure put on you by others

First up: pressure from yourself. You may not have everything that your dream-life encompasses, and makes it how it is “supposed” to be. You may have none of it. But I’m sure you have at least a handful of things that makes the day-to-day worth celebrating. It’s also definitely worth considering that, if you look back and try to remember some goals to form your dream life that you did have, you’ve probably achieved a good chunk of them. In fact, past you would probably whine that present-day you is living the dream life. Often our “supposed-to’s” shift once we achieve something, and so we’re constantly chasing the dream life, cheating ourselves of happiness in the present day.

Secondly: pressure from others. I have a friend who chose not to go to university. And some people thought she was making a mistake. It wasn’t what she was “supposed” to do. Life was meant to be a smooth transition from school, to uni, to job. Want to know where said friend is now? Well, Ellie left for Thailand roughly 2 weeks ago, and will be out there for 6 months, working on an elephant sanctuary. She is living her dream life. Everyone’s Β vision of how their life is meant to be is different: don’t let others force their idea of how it should be on you, and don’t force your idea of how it should be on others.Β 
So, make your own path and don’t set too much stock by how others think your life is supposed to look. Enjoy what you have achieved, and celebrate your life for what it is in this moment: let it be, and let it develop without judging it too harshly. I promise you: you will be happier for focusing on the now, and letting go of pressure both from yourself and other people.Β 

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