The Protein Ball Co. Review

We all know how hard it can be to find a decent protein bar. But perhaps we’ve been looking in the wrong place? Forget bars- how about protein balls? The last protein balls I bought were Bounce balls (these are exemplary balls- check the completely innuendo-free review out here:  ), and so this has been a long time coming. I have to say, I am so very happy that I found these balls languishing on a shelf in Holland and Barratt’s about a month ago.

Cheaper than other protein products on the market (at £1.99 per bag), and most definitely tastier, these have become a regular feature on my shopping list when I decide to fork out for a protein product. And although these balls might be smaller than Bounce, they are just as high quality.

There are three flavours that I have tried, and shall be reviewing today: Peanut Butter, Coconut & Macadamia, Goji & Coconut. All of these flavours are amazing, and I promise you won’t be disappointed whichever you buy. Each packet contains 6 protein balls, each about the size of the tip of my finger (see the picture on the left). They don’t have that horrible chalky consistency of many protein products, and have no awful aftertaste; in-fact, the peanut butter ones taste and have the texture of fudge. This is most likely due to the use of high quality ingredients in this product. I have heard that these balls are soon to be released in three new flavours: Cherry & Almond, Cocoa & Orange, and Pistachio & Lemon. Although the Cocoa & Orange is a fairly classic, standard flavour, the other two have really caught my attention, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them.

Unlike the majority of bars/balls/ready made up protein products, The Protein Ball Co. also cater to vegans. The Peanut Butter balls, and the Coconut & Macadamia balls do contain a grass fed whey protein, but the Goji & Coconut contain rice and pea protein. This is a refreshing change for vegans and vegetarians, or anyone looking to limit their dairy intake. The first two, although not suitable for vegans, are perfect for vegetarians. The newer flavour releases mentioned above also cater to vegetarians, and the Cherry & Almond flavour to paleo dieters (as I’m not paleo I couldn’t really tell you what the difference is- I feel as if all of these balls will be equally stunning).

Each packet provides around 170-190kcal, and 10g of protein-although the vegan ones contain 6.9g protein.  The things these little packets don’t contain are soy, artificial additives, artificial colours, gluten, GMOs, wheat, neither the peanut or coconut ones contain egg whites, and none of them contain “nasties”. The balance of carbs and protein that they contain means they’re actually ideal to fuel a workout, giving you energy whilst making protein available for the muscle fibres you’re tearing to repair themselves. A final word on ingredients: they have the added benefit of no added refined sugar.

The packets are easily transportable (bonus points for the adorable protein balls frolicking on them as well), and the fact that one serving is six balls means that you can snack on a packet over an hour or so (I say this; I’ve usually finished them within 10 minutes). Something I love about these balls is how they are each rolled in a coating of either coconut, or crushed peanut. It adds texture that other protein bars lack, and also makes you feel as if you’re eating a fancy truffle instead of a healthy snack.

So, it’s thumbs up to The Protein Ball Co, and my getting through an innuendo-free review on balls! Which flavour should you try first? Well, if you want something sweet go for the Coconut & Macadamia, for something with a balance of salty-sweet fudginess go for the Peanut Butter, and for a rich yet fruity little number go for the Goji & Coconut. These last ones also have cacao in them, and so taste like chocolate truffles. Or you could buy all of them- depending how many balls you can hold at once really.

Other protein products I can recommend:

Bounce Balls –
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