June Favourites 2016


The Protein Ball Co. – These little balls are tasty, and great for on the go. I’ve used them as a pre-workout snack, post-workout snack, and also as a tasty cinema snack. The peanut butter ones are probably my favourite, then the coconut and macadamia, and then the goji and cacao. The first two contain whey protein, and the latter a hemp protein- so they have your back if you’re a vegan too. Full review coming soon!

Pulsin pea protein powder- I recently invested in a protein powder for use after heavy gym sessions, but wanted something non dairy, as my digestion complains when I consume too much of this food group- and so one Holland & Barratt’s sale and some research later, and I ended up with this. It mixes into overnight oats and porridge really well, and has a slightly nutty, earthy flavour.

Meridian macadamia butter- As soon as I was sent the new speciality butters I got down to road-testing them, and this was the favourite. The best way to use it is to drizzle a tablespoon over icecream; it has the consistency of melted white chocolate, and a taste to match.

Peanut butter cookie, Global Tribe Leeds- back home in Yorkshire we have very few independent cafes in my immediate area, and so every time I head into Leeds I have to visit this vegan and vegetarian cafe. The peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips are to die for.


Vivid Matcha Green Tea- I was brave this month (or, rather stupid enough), buying some iced matcha tea. The first time I tried Matcha tea it was by teapigs, and it was quite simply disgusting. This matcha green tea was delicious though; the cartons come in grape & elderflower, or lemon ginger & honey. Both are delicious- just make sure that they’re well chilled.

Darling Deli cappuccino (Bath)- Being in Bath on work experience, and staying in a small village, you can imagine I was fairly thrilled to find a local deli that makes an amazing cappuccino for me to sit and read with. Their salad bar is amazing, and their brunches look to die for. In you’re in the vicinity of Bath (this is about a 30 minute walk out of the centre) then give it a try.

Nspa Body Brush- Recently I’ve begun to make use of my body brush; it aids with circulation, and smooths skin. When I remember to use it often, my skin looks and feels fantastic.

Oral-B Electric Toothbrush- Apparently my manual toothbrush wasn’t good enough anymore, when the dentist told my mum to upgrade to electric. Other than the ball-ache of charging this, I do have to say that it was a good investment. My teeth have never felt cleaner…

Oil pulling- …although this is also something I’ve tried this month, and actually feel left my teeth cleaner. I wouldn’t replace brushing my teeth with this, but it does make them feel like they’ve had an extra boost of clean when I use it, and apparently it helps improve the whiteness of teeth, and minimise bad breath.

John Frieda Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner- A little while back I went to get my hair trimmed, and a very disgruntled hair dresser had to take about two inches off. Why? Well, I hadn’t been looking after my curly hair, and my split ends were horrendous. Apparently curly hair needs more moisture, and my Herbal Essences wasn’t cutting it; I forked out for these and now my curls are (thankfully) remerging.

This Book Will Save Your Life, a.m. Holmes- I have a full review of this coming soon, so don’t want to give too much away, but this is one of the funniest, most endearing, and unpredictable books I’ve read in a while. Definitely worth picking up.

Game of Thrones, Book 1, George R.R. Martin- Love the TV series, love the book- get my full review right here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/a-game-of-thrones-review.html

1984, George Orwell – Again, give my full review a read right here: http://ecstaticallyem.blogspot.co.uk/2016/06/1984-review.html
PeruseProject (YouTube channel)- This channel belongs to a community known as ‘BookTube’, which is right up my alley. Regan reviews books, does a monthly ‘TBR’ (to be read), and also some tag videos- all of which feel as if you’re chatting to a fellow book-nutter. I’m watching this channel pretty much every day.

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