Quotespirational Monday 20/06/16- Where I tell you that you are like a broken pot.

We’re all broken; that’s how the light gets in
-Ernest Hemmingway

I saw this quote on a Pinterest trawl, and it was so incredibly beautiful that I had to lay aside the quote I was going to use, and go with this one instead.
We have all been through some kind of shit at some point- to put it bluntly. If you haven’t, then you either have an incredibly positive outlook, or have lead an incredibly sheltered life so far. Each and every one of us is cracked or chipped in some way. If we weren’t, I don’t think we would be able to experience empathy, or even sympathy in certain situations.
That sympathy or empathy is the light. That is what gets through the cracks. Any negative experience means we gain some experience, and experience is both valuable and beautiful. In some cases, what you go through can give you a heightened appreciation of what you do have, and what you can experience. And that can come through in your personality.
‘Kintsugi’ is the art of repairing cracked or shattered vases, dishes, or potsΒ with gold (Google it; it’s beautiful). It embraces the flawed and imperfect. It increases both the object’s strength, and its beauty.
Basically, I am telling you that you are like a pot. A pot that has been dropped, and glued back together with gold- you are a very nice looking pot. The kind that Urban Outfitters try desperately to recreate.
Each and every one of us has been shattered at some point, but don’t think of it as being beyond repair- or as somehow inferior. Think of it as letting the light in, or being marbled right through your core with gold.


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