Meridian Squeezy Syrups Review

A while back now I was sent the three squeezy syrups that Meridian have begun to manufacture: date, agave, and maple. In this review  I’ll be giving you my general impression, what I would use each syrup in, and I shall also be ordering the syrups from favourite to least favourite. I had an idea of which syrup would be my favourite (date), but surprisingly I was wrong! And whilst the agave is at the bottom of the list, that isn’t to say it’s awful; this is simply because I find I reach for the others more often…

Maple Syrup
This one comes at the top of my list mainly because of its versatility. It works well in bakes, cakes, porridge, on pancakes, in a chocolate-banana-PB- maple smoothie, in overnight oats- even in a BBQ Maple Marinade (which you can check out here: ). I have a feeling that when I head home, my brother may steal this to top his pancakes-and-bacon on a Sunday morning.

As expected from a maple syrup, this is very runny, and works well for pouring, or as a liquid sweetener. It’s aromatic and sweet, with that distinctive maple flavour= which I happen to really love. The consistency works well for bars and raw desserts. The bottle is half gone already.

Date Syrup
This syrup is thicker than the maple syrup, but will still pour. Again, it’s stickiness is great for bars; its possibly the best syrup of the three for this.

It does actually taste like dates- and so you can add it to tagines for that sweet-and-savoury flavour. Again, raw desserts, but where you need a richer kind of sweetness, would be something this syrup would work well in.

I also used this in a banoffee overnight oats recipe (take a look right here:  ), because it gives a caramel-y taste. This means that if you’re making a banoffee pie for example, and need something to act as a binding agent in a healthier crust, this syrup would do the job.  

Agave Syrup
Last on my list is the agave. This is the runniest of the syrups, and unlike the maple and date syrups I don’t feel it has a distinctive flavour- it’s just sweet. This means that if you need a syrup that is more of a background than a specific flavour, you need to opt for this one. I feel as if a lot of brands now make this syrup, and so unlike the date one it just doesn’t hold the novelty factor for me. Although the maple syrup is also made by a lot of brands, I prefer the taste of maple to straight-up sweet. This is my logic in ordering the syrups favourite through least favourite. That being said, if you’re into buying organic then you should definitely give this one a try, as it can hold its own against the other brands of agave I have used in the past.

Occasionally I add this to iced coffee- especially if I’m making it for someone who has more of a sweet tooth than me. Unlike honey, which is my other coffee sweetener of choice, this doesn’t leave a residue at the bottom of the glass- it stirs right in.

Due to having no specific taste- similar to sugar- this is useful in cakes and bakes where you just need the sweetness, and nothing else. If you are adding this to a cake though, be sure to increase the dry ingredeints to counter its runny consistency.

I know that several brands make syrups similar to these ones, and so if you have a favourite leave it in the comments below and I’ll try to check them out.


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